The ‘heart of the matter’ is an expression that refers to the most fundamental piece of information. Perhaps this is derived from the truth that your heart is the centre of your energetic-spiritual being. It is an intuitive, intelligent centre. And, it is essential to understand that the heart, like any other part, can get distorted, weakened, and misused, even in the name of spirituality.

The heart is the first layer to our soul matrix and synthesizes Source energy with our ego matrix and physical body for healing and evolution. When one opens their heart to love it is a joyous field of discovery and freedom that can resolve the darkest moments. So within this immense healing capacity is an openness to darkness, to absorb that which is emptied from the darkness. The Light will transform the denser energy naturally with great ease, and yet there always lies the potential that the energy will resist, and that there will not be a complete transformation.

A disruption to this organic, natural self-healing has been in place for humanity for many millennia. The heart has been subject to a great deal of darkness and pain, while its capacity to transform this density has also been distorted to disallow healing. This means that when somebody attempts to dissolve the issues that create pain in the heart, the Light cannot complete its purpose. Therefore, collectively, the 4th dimensional astral/heart level is a very muddled combination of light and dark; it is a repository for unresolved hurts, usurped energies, and conflicts.

However, many on the spiritual path will be attracted to travelling the astral plane as a way of liberating themselves from 3rd dimensionality. It is not advisable, as astral travel can initiate more darkness and more confusion. The dark forces feed off of any distortion, heartache or pain that enters into this realm. Only those with purest of heart, who can manage the darkness with great skill, are equipped to travel here. Any other attempts will magnify this collective unconscious mental-emotional shadow and further distort the human’s heart rather than support its ascension.

Further, some people will explore the astral plane thinking they are going into the blissful realm of heart-centredness and achieving the often-revered nirvana. This is a misunderstanding and illusion if one doesn’t understand that the astral is the collective of humanity’s dysfunctional programs and patterns. The 4th dimension is just like any another distorted dimension. Only the 12th dimension and higher is undistorted on this planet. However, the astral body can be cleared at the most profound and precise levels through my facilitation with the AoA Hieros Gamos System, a living intelligence newly accessible to humanity for our liberation. Further, this healing work can take you into your Higher Heart – the 8th chakra, your seed atom of Christ/God consciousness.

This information is not shared in the interest of creating fear, but rather knowledge for your consideration. Our collective intention for this planet is to clear old dysfunctional energies, not create more of them. Please do not travel in the astral planes unless you are very adept at meeting the dark energies head on – this means you must have healed your own heart energy and are very practiced at holding centre regardless of what energies attempt to consume the Light. This requires the inner core strength of complete neutrality and fearlessness.

Most need not be concerned with this, unless you meditate specifically on the astral plane, or if you move into the astral plane as a healing facilitator. If you are a Lightworker who can access the heart energy of another, it is important to be protected with your 12D Shield before doing so. Otherwise, the information/energy flooding into you is of potential negative consequence to you.

Travelling the astral plane or intending to enter the astral plane is distinctly different from opening your heart. When you intend to open your heart you are generating clarity for the intention of love. Make it your focus to amplify your vibration of love and let this lead you in your ascension clearing and your living.

Author's Bio: 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) discovered her innate gift of discerning consciousness patterns through her own challenging spiritual awakening, and counseling individuals since 2000 as an intuitive energy psychotherapist and 12-dimensional holographic healing facilitator. She's a master at unravelling any confusion in your concerns, even the really stubborn patterns that have stopped you from living with authentic power and loving yourself, perhaps across multiple lifetimes. She gets right to the core of your issue with gentle, compassionate higher guidance. When she's not helping individuals, couples, children or animals, she continues to dedicate herself to humanity's liberation through the sacred, balanced embodiment of the Divine feminine and masculine within. Her website offers over 100 educational and inspiring articles, free tools, and healing chants, so that we can all wake up one day to be in awe of the peace everywhere!