Ilu Agency by Sharon Ilu is a non-exclusive modeling agency based in Miami with beauty standards open to all types of body shapes, sizes and colors. Diverse models inspire other young girls to do whatever you set your mind and heart to as long as you put the work in and stay focused . Not only are these females just models, but they are also model women who do their part with their community. With “Ilu” meaning light, you can count on every model represented by Ilu Agency, to “Illu-minate” everywhere they go.

Sharon says, "At Ilu we really care about making the world a brighter and better place. We do our part by involving ourselves in community service; such as a beach cleanup, recycling and changing our daily habits, reminding our audience to do the same and leading by example. I’ve been in the modeling industry for over 7 years and I’ve experienced plenty of horror stories with photographers, videographers at bookings/jobs that could make models cry and want to quit. I decided I’d create a new lane where that wouldn’t happen because we deserve to be treated with respect and as the true beauty we are. I wanted to change the stigma of models needing to be 5’10” with a 22 inch waist."

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