I'm Obsessed With My Ex Girlfriend: I Can't Stop Thinking about My Ex with Someone Else

You did not really know how tough it would actually be for you when you broke up. Now you just miss her so much and want her back. Daunting as it may seem, but it is very much possible for you to reunite. Just run through the following points to be on your way.

Give it a break
Understood it's not the easiest thing to do when all you want is to get to her somehow but its better that you swallow the bitter pill and give a communication gap. You need to understand that she needs the space to evaluate your relationship. Bother her too much and she might very well shut the door on you.

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Emotional healing is essential
In the time you keep away from your girlfriend, use it for your own healing, you need it too, regardless of who was responsible for the breakup. It will also help you to be in a balanced frame of mind when you are ready to act towards reconnecting with her.

Damage assessment is crucial
Try and find out for yourself what really went wrong between you and your girlfriend. Was it because of you or vice versa? It will be very helpful to list all the issues over which you argued or fought about and resolve to make a conscious effort to avoid them in future.

Moping around and brooding is out
Please do not do that, worrying and indulging in self pity will not get you any, especially from your ex girlfriend. Whiney, long faced and forlorn looking men are really not what women want in their men.

Don't even dare try a short term fling
Just because you are lonely and miserable without her, it's still not justified to indulge in a short term fling or a one night stand. If you do indulge, it simply means that you do not really love her. And heaven forbid if your ex finds out about it. Trust once broken in this fashion is very hard to rebuild.

Winds of change need to be seen
Now this happens to be one of the best methods to get your ex girlfriend back. You need to show her that you have changed for the better, and have matured since you split from her. She will seriously consider getting back with you, but you have to be sincere and honest in your intent when you tell her you have changed.

New beginnings are always possible
Once both of you are able to establish some kind of a rapport and have some semblance of a relationship going, ensure you do not make the same errors again. Be aware and on the lookout for any signs of danger and deal with them immediately. Your relationship will be all set for a smooth sail.

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There is always that need after a beak up to ensure to yourself, and prove to the other person that you are just fine without them. It's a natural process of healing and transition, and it can also really be a lot of fun - to show you're ex girlfriend how much fun you're having without her!

Lights, Camera, Action!
And make sure that action is all smiles! Take a lot of pictures of you in various "fun" places (even if you're just there to take the picture), and make sure you're smiling in all of them like you're having the time of your life. And who knows, that may just end up happening while your out collecting good-time proofs.

Show off Your Phone Camera Pics
You may have to be that obnoxious person who goes around and makes everyone look at the pictures of what they did, and how awesome it was, but so what? It will get her wondering what the heck you're doing that's so amazing you have to go running around bragging to everyone you see. And whatever it is, it will be obvious to her that it's more fun than what she's having!

Pretend You're Always at the Afterparty
Make sure whenever she sees you, you are acting like you're just a bit tired from too much fun - you know, that after-party glow. Show it off. And if you don't know what it is, well, then now you have a research project that will really so you some good!

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Facebook is Your Friend
The social networking site is your friend - use it to your advantage. Post how crazy fun your night was, how amazing your weekend was, or just how insanely cool life is being for you lately. And who knows...energy does tend to follow forethought...

Accidentally Send them an Email
You can always accidentally send them an email or text talking about how much fun you had, how amazing "that" was (so forth and so on), and if they ask, just apologize and say that you meant to send it to someone else. Not only will she read how much fun you're having, but she'll understand you're having so much fun, you can't even keep track of what you're doing!

Ask Her Advice
Tell her you're having "girl problems" and ask her if she'll give you some advice. Tell her you have two, or three women who are totally into you, and you don't know how to handle the situation (even if you do). Besides, that will be fun just to see how she reacts!

There's Always the Truth
Of course, you could always just rely on the truth - and if the truth is that you're actually not having very much fun, well, then you have some additional motivation to making that happen. Have fun for you, sure. Then go out and show her how much fun you really can have - even if it's just to spite her. And then, enjoy every minute of it!

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Getting back in touch with your ex girlfriend can be a little strange. But if you want to get your ex back you will have to start talking to your ex. Here are some of the things that you should and shouldn't say when you want to open the channels of communication with your ex.

Get the timing right

Before you decide that you want to talk to your ex girlfriend you have to assess if your timing is right or not. If you call her or try to talk to her too soon after your break up then you will be met with failure. Let some time pass before you decide to get back in touch with your ex.

Keep the desperation out of your voice

Once you feel that you are now ready to get back in touch with your ex you have to make that phone call. But be sure that you are in control of your feelings. Take a deep breath and then dial her number and manage to keep the desperation out of your voice when you talk to her.

Don't sound cocky

While you shouldn't sound desperate when you speak to your ex you also should make sure that you don't sound cocky to her. Be humble when you talk to your ex and she will respond favorably to you.

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Have something to say to her

It is very essential that you have something to say to your ex when you call her up. Going over what you are going to say or having a good conversation opener such as "hey I've been meaning to call. Hope it is a good time to talk?" is a good idea.

Set up a time to meet her

Keep your phone conversation brief as eventually you will begin to ham things up. What you can do is be direct with your ex and ask her to meet you as you would like to discuss some stuff.

Assure her of no ulterior motive

To get your ex to agree to meet you offer to meet for something non committal such as a coffee. This will also assure her that you have no agenda or motive in mind.

Keep the chat conversational and interesting

When you meet your ex you have to try to keep your chat light and breezy. Don't ask personal questions. Apologize to her and make her see that all you want to do is put the past behind you. Your ex will be impressed with you and will be open to talking to you and meeting you more often in the future.

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Arrange to meet her
Give her time to get a hold over her emotions and when the time is right, ask her out. Make the meeting casual and concentrate on keeping it lively and enjoyable, make her comfortable and help her to relax. Do not dwell into the problem issues of the past; instead keep the conversation light and casual.

Listen to her
It is very important to be a good listener, so pay attention to what she is saying and let her know that her opinion is valuable. You can drop subtle hints to show that you are interested in her and would like to get her back.

Improve on yourself
Work towards changing your attitude and if there was something in you that she found irritating, try to change it. Work on getting rid of those traits that caused arguments between you, let her see through your actions that you have changed for better and she will be impressed. Have a cheerful personality and be someone who can make her smile.

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Improve your appearance to attract her again
Work on yourself and join a gym to get a good physique if you need to shed some weight. Take interest in your personal appearance so that there is freshness and cheerfulness in your personality. Your efforts will not go waste as women like men who are smart.

Go slow
Do not act desperate and try to push her to come back to you. This may take her away from you. She too must have been hurt, treat it as a good sign that she has agreed to meet you, and it shows that she too hopes to see things working out between you. If she cares for you and looks back fondly to the time spent together, she will be with you soon.

Do not try to make her jealous
In your attempt to win her back do not think of going out with someone else to make her jealous. No woman likes to share her man and if you are really serious about her it is better you stay clear of other women. She will not want to get back if she feels you have cheated on her.

Be positive
Be cheerful and happy as if enjoying each minute of your life. She will find your positive outlook attractive and will want to get back to you. Give her your love and attention when she does come back to you.

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