It's that time of year when it's easy to become overwhelmed by what needs to be accomplished.

EFT not only enables us to feel more relaxed and in control very quickly (which inevitably leads to clarity), it can also be used as a preventative tool. If we anticipate what might happen, we can tap on those concerns ahead of time. For example, there are many reasons why Christmas is not a relaxing, joyful time for some people: family gatherings can become dreaded occassions; gift buying can be expensive and stressful, and with an abundance of food around, it is easy to overindulge. If you tap on your future concerns before they happen, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will already be feeling calm and confident.

For example, "Even though I know I'm going to feel judged and pressurised when the family gets together, I choose to love and accept myself anyway" or "Even though I might end up buying presents for myself when I should be buying gifts for my family, I choose to forgive myself, knowing I am doing my best" or "Even though I know I'll be eating too much this holiday, I choose to accept that part of me"

Now try some general tapping ...

With your dominant hand, tap the karate chop point on the other hand while saying the following:

"Even though I'm feeling completely overwhelmed right now, I deeply and completely accept how I'm feeling anyway"
"Even though there is so much to do and so little time, I have decided to feel calmly confident about what can be done in the time I do have"
"Even though I can't imagine ever finishing it all on time, I forgive myself, knowing I am doing my best"

Now tap the following places while saying each of the phrases below.

Top of the head: I'm overwhelmed
Eyebrow: there is still so much to do
Side of the eye: I feel stuck
Under the eye: I can't seem to think clearly
Under the nose: and I don't know what to do first
Chin: I'm so frustrated
Collarbone: I wish I could relax about this
Under the arm: maybe I can!
Top of the head: but it's difficult to relax, knowing I have so much to do
Eyebrow: I wonder what would happen if I did start to relax
Side of the eye: What if I were able to think clearly?
Under the eye: What if I could allow my body to feel calmer about all that needs to be done?
Under the nose: I choose to allow myself to relax
Chin: I don't need to feel overwhelmed about this
Collarbone: I choose to find it surprisingly easy to regain control
Under the arm: I'm so grateful that I am in control if I choose to be!

Disclaimer: In tapping along to this transcript, you take full responsibility for your health and well being.

Author's Bio: 

Annabel Fisher was introduced to EFT when seriously ill with M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). She was wheel chair bound, completely exhausted and in constant muscle and joint pain. She began using it regularly and had some really positive results: she had reduced her chronic pain by 60% in 4 months and by 100% within 6 months. Annabel used EFT effectively on other symptoms including digestive disorders, insomnia, light and noise sensitivities, depression and anxiety. She was astounded by EFT's simplicity and effectiveness. Feeling passionate about EFT, it seemed a natural step to qualify as an EFT Practitioner and later as an EFT Trainer, drawing on her teaching background. Since discovering EFT, she has been treated by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) and received advanced training from him in England and America. She has also received specific training from various EFT Masters in the UK and USA. In Cornwall, England, Annabel had a successful EFT practice and ran regular training courses before moving to BC, Canada in 2006. She now combines EFT and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in her practice, seeing clients privately and working over the phone. She leads regular EFT workshops and teleseminars, plus training programmes which qualify individuals to become EFT Practitioners. She specialises in: * Coping with serious illness and chronic pain * Overcoming stress and overwhelm * Increasing self worth, confidence and the motivation to recover * Reaching your fullest potential * Leading EFT Workshops and Practitioner Training Discover the power of EFT with The Essentials of EFT Guide and a one-hour EFT Q&A audio recording, all yours absolutely free by visiting or calling 1-888-206-8426 (toll free).