I'm Struggling In My Marriage: I Love My Husband but He Says He Hates Me

It doesn't take a genius to figure out when a person is unhappily married:

* you spend less and less time with your spouse
* increased number of arguments and/or silence
* decreased frequency of intimacy and sex
* living in a tension filled household
* living under the same roof but living separate lives
* finding ways to escape (food, work, the kids, family, friends, alcohol, other people, etc.)
* depression, feeling lonely, even in a room full of other people
* constant thoughts of having an affair, getting a divorce, or both
* regrets surrounding marrying this person in the first place

Even one of those lets you know in what direction you're leaning. The key thing to remember about being unhappily married is this:

Just because you're unhappy right now, in this moment, doesn't mean you'll be unhappy forever. Good change is possible.

The above statement is a truth most unhappily married people don't want to hear. Why? Because it's much easier to throw a pity party if it's all "their fault" and it's even easier to end the marriage if you're 95% sure things are never going to change.

How can you tell if what you're feeling is the season you're in or the reason you should end the marriage?

Take this 5 question quiz:

1) Do I love my spouse for who he/she is where he/she is and am I willing to love and partner with him/her for the long term EVEN IF this person never changes?
2) Do I focus more on what my spouse is doing right (rather than what he/she is doing wrong)?
3) Do I feel like my spouse loves me for who I am, where I am (or do I always feel like I'm not "enough")?
4) Do I take the negative things my spouse says to me personally and get offended?
5) Is this person my partner on a sacred romantic adventure? (let your heart answer this one- the reply comes fast)

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With the divorce rate fluctuating close to 50%, most partners today have to take active steps to stop divorce and save their marriage from disaster. The impression given today is that most marriages won't succeed. Initially, when most partners met, priorities were minimal, outside the focus of each other. Unfortunately life happens, with all its stresses, which take their toll on the relationship.

Research has shown, that one of the best predictors of divorce is how couples resolve conflict. If we as a couple are able to resolve these life issues in a compatible manner, then the chances of us staying together are much greater than those that struggle with conflict resolution. Always try to remember, that winning comes at a price. If I'm the type of partner that feels he or she has to win this argument, then that interpretation means that somebody has to lose. If we make our partners feel like losers, then the natural tendency would be for one to escape that pain.

Here are some helpful tips on how to stop your divorce and save your marriage

1. What are you doing to contaminate your current relationship?

Do you have your own baggage and issues that you brought with you into this relationship? It is always a good thing to take a look in the mirror and see what we are doing to put a strain on the relationship. Am I dealing with my own struggles in a healthy manner, or am I beginning to act out and project my shortcomings onto my partner. This is easier said then done, as overcoming one's ego and taking accountability for my own flaws is one of the biggest struggles in a marriage.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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2. Are you distancing yourself emotionally from your partner?

Many individuals when feeling stressed in a relationship put up the proverbial "emotional wall" so to say. This invisible wall is actually a defense mechanism that attempts to shield us from additional pain and/or confrontation. Unfortunately when we distance ourselves from our partners, the bond that was once strong and unbreakable begins to crack. There are many men and women who use this defense quite frequently, as they escape into their isolation with the old saying,"I don't want to hear it".

3. Communication in a relationship is really important.

Probably one of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is how each partner communicates. When either partner begins "tuning out" the other so to say, the relationship takes on a different meaning. Initially, we talked about everything. The discussions never appeared threatening, and just hearing each others voices seem to ease the pain of life's daily events. Unfortunately as time went by, the communication became less and more superficial and nature. This can happen for many reasons, as in many instances the communication has become focused on negative issues and stresses in life. Again, what usually happens is the old," I don't want to hear it" routine, that shuts many partners down. Try to get back to talking about the little things in life, even if it's the weather of what a beautiful day it is. Keep the conversation simple, and focused on your partner with the love you have for him or her.

4. You mean it's not really all about me?

Many couples today look at a relationship as a business proposition. Some come into the relationship believing it should be a fifty-fifty proposition. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. That might work for a while, but eventually one partner might be doing more in the relationship than the other. Relationships seem to cycle in amounts of specific duties and tasks for each partner as life changes. If I suddenly get the impression that I'm coming up on the"short end of the stick"so to say, then I might become soured and not put in significant effort to keep the relationship healthy. There really is no way around it, relationships require sacrifice, and I might actually have to do more in this relationship to keep it going and on an even keel. Selfish individuals struggle with that concept, and subsequently the relationship suffers. Putting your partner first. That is one belief that goes a long way in keeping peace in the relationship, and one of main ways of how to stop your divorce and save your marriage.

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You can learn how to save marriage from divorce. There is a strategy that really works. Countless people have rescued troubled marriages from the very brink of divorce by adhering to these three key principles.

First, at least one spouse understands the need to take action. That might sound fairly obvious, but it's also quite significant on two different fronts. Not only is it important that wishing and hoping won't get the job done and that only by taking action can one really hope to save a marriage.

It's equally essential to understand that it only takes one committed spouse to get things done. That's right--it does not take two to tango! One spouse can set a chain of events into motion that will result in an improved situation.

Second, anyone who wants to understand how to save marriage when things look bleak also needs to recognize that taking action based on gut instinct or hunches is ill-advised. Let's be frank. Most of us are not experts in human relationships and we don't really have a clear view of what makes marriages work. We're novices.

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Action is important, but it can only bear fruit if it's well-informed, smart action. That's why saving a marriage from the clutches of divorce inevitably involves doing things the right way--based on expert wisdom and advice--instead of on following one's "intuition".

Third, saving a marriage is not an overnight process and it isn't really the end objection. Saving a marriage will take some time and effort. The idea that some singular grand gesture will suddenly set everything right just isn't realistic. It takes changes and involves making progress over some period of time.

Additionally, the goal isn't really to save a marriage "as it is". The real goal should be saving and improving the marriage. Your final objective is to create a lasting, sustainable, supportive and loving relationship. That goes beyond simple dodging a date in divorce court.

It's also one reason why an expert blueprint for action makes so much sense. Quality guidance about how to save marriage focuses on creating the kind of foundation that can lead to the end results you really want and deserve.

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Whether a person is married or still single, being in a relationship with the love of your life is a great feeling. But what if the busyness of life begins to drift you apart? Can you still do anything to bring back the love of your life?

Knowing that you are spending your life with the love of your life is precious. People in relationships know that their journey will not always be a bed of roses. In one time or another, challenges will come your way and you must learn how to surpass these. In fact, these challenges may get so devastating which can cause you to hurt one another.

It is only normal for people to commit mistakes. But what happens if the love of your life will begin to show signs of disinterest or lack of affection? Can you still do something to reverse it?

Three years into married life, I started getting the feeling that something seems wrong. We were now having fights. These were small and on petty issues but soon the fights escalated and nothing seems to get resolved. To have a change in the way we do things, we tried getting involved in new things together. But these remedies proved to be short-term.

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Also, we went on a vacation in one of our dream destinations just to see if this will aid our relationship. At first, we both thought that this vacation will be the key to our problems. Sadly, the fights came back a few months after the trip. And as the fighting ensued, I became more afraid that soon, he may start looking for another lady. But I was completely at a loss on what to do. I never thought that this would be one of our problems someday. I never thought that someday, I will be looking for ways on how to bring back the love of my life. I always believed that we can surpass any challenge that comes our way. I always thought that our love will be able to surpass anything and everything that will be thrown at us.

While looking for the answer to my problem, I saw the eBook Bring Back the Love of Your Life by Cucan Pemo. I found the contents really beneficial so I bought it. A few pages through the ebook, I already understood that I was taking for granted a lot of things in my marriage.

This book has helped me find out that there will always be ways to improve a relationship. I also realized that even before we got married, I have been doing some things that were harmful to the relationship. And now that we have been married for quite some time, the effects of these habits have grown.

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