A major benefit to encouraging storybook creation and writing in your kids? It stimulates their imaginations.

A few days ago, I sat down with a group of kindergarten children and handed them a series of pictures. Using these images as a guide, the children worked collaboratively to build a story plot. The outcome of this exercise was amazing. Together, they created an elaborate story of a princess who slayed a sea monster while sailing on a ship in search of a hidden treasure. Timid at first, the students began to grow more comfortable with the storytelling process and let their imaginations run wild and their creative juices flow.

Many venues exist for online story writing that employ similar techniques for spurring imagination. In some ways, web-based story development can be a far less intimidating format for young learners, who are accustomed to online platforms and take comfort in user-friendly software guides that will never judge nor criticize a child’s creative content that is reflective of his life experiences and private thoughts.

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Ila Mehta is the Creator of LittleWriteBrain.com. Frustrated by the homogeneity and commercialization of contemporary storybook literature aimed at young children, she brainstormed a story writing site that enables young learners to develop their own customizable storybook literature. Personalized storytelling and Story Writing empowers children to take pride in their individuality. For more details visit http://www.littlewritebrain.com/