There are many fair skinned women out there who desire to have a copper toned skin through tanning. A few years ago, the only option to get a tan was to get exposed to the sun but it’s not an option anymore. With the ozone layer depletion and all, sunrays have become more intense and harmful UV ray are reaching out earth. Keeping this in mind, exposing yourself to the sun for a considerable time will only bring more harm than good.
These days the technology has advanced to such a level that if person wants to get a tan, he/she doesn’t have to resort to exposing themselves to the harmful UV rays’ sunless tanning is a great option. This kind of tanning usually include gels, mouses, tanning lotions, sun bed or more popularly spray tanning.
Ingredients of spray tan
One of the key elements present in the tanning substance is the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is sugar derived from a plant. Most of you know that our skin is constituted by two layers –epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (inner layer). The dead skin cells of the epidermis layer contains amino acids which reacts with the sugar substance in the tanning solution to change the colour of the skin. As the dead skin cells are replaced with new cell regenerations, the tan slowly fades away. Precisely for this reason, artificial tans usually last for a couple of weeks.
Where can you get such tan?
Predominantly, spray tanning is usually done in salons but it can also be done in your home if you’ve got the right equipments but you risk getting blotches in your skin if you don’t take professional help. Usually you can get spray tanning in tow different ways – tanning booths and airbrush tan.

  • Tanning booths: In this method, you have to stand in a booth where a fine mist of tanning solution will be emitted. Usually this process takes only a couple of minutes to finish but its effect will take place after a couple of hours.
  • Airbrush Tan: This is a fully manual process which ensures that no spot is missed throughout the body. Due to the detailed nature of the process, professional assistance is required.

    Some of the more popular advantages of spray tanning are:-

    • Easily accessible: You don’t have to wait for the sun to rise to get a tan; you can easily get it at a salon.
    • Less stain: You don’t have to worry about getting stains in your clothes in case of spray tanning as it dries up much faster.
    • Superior results: Unlike applying tanning lotions or gels, spray tan doesn’t leave any streaks or blotches on your skin.
      In order to find the salon which offers the best spray tan in Adelaide, you need to do your research. Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations or not.
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The author Ron Spencer owns a beauty salon in Adelaide and is renowned for offering the best spray tan in Adelaide.