The Problems With Today's Mobile Technology!

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you owned a mobile phone back in the day? Today it is just commonplace to see posts on Facebook about where you went out, what you ate, and who you were with. Now that I am over fifty, sometimes I cringe at the thought of my parents viewing my past teenage antics on today's social media sites.

But then, I think how awesome it might have been not to miss out on so many things. If you were not home to answer the phone, chances are you did not hear about the latest party from your friends. I could only imagine how my parents would have reacted seeing me posting like the kids do today. Not to mention my Mom going through my messages and texts!

Texting Would Have Been Perfect!

“My parents are going away next weekend!” Texting would have given us the ability to throw a huge party together in minutes. Then, of course, there is the thought of texting or phone chat with your girlfriend. I think that would have helped to make safe sex a better option or maybe not! I am curious if we would have hung out as much or we would have just stayed home and texted each other.

It would have been almost impossible to keep a secret, one wrong move or word and the whole school would know! Especially with the capability to capture live video and post it online in seconds. But I do think how cool some of the popular terms of the day would have looked like in text. Anyone who lived during the 70's, 80's and 90's I am sure they can relate to this list of statements.

Recognize Any Of These?

"Hey Sugar, what's hangin ?" - “Take a Chill Pill Man!" - "I’m gonna deck you if you say that again!”

"Cool Beans" I am just trying some of this new killer blue lipstick. - "Not!"

"Dope" - "Your sister is one bodacious babe." - I saw her last night driving a bitching Hot-rod."

"Don't have a cow. - Who loves you, baby? - Speaking of love, how about we get down tonight?"

"Whatever!" - "Oh, come on don't be like that." - "As-If." - “Don’t be such a goober.”

"Kiss My Grits." - "Don't tease me like that." - “Oh, don’t play me like that. - "I think I'm Going to Hurl!”

“Psyche!”- "What You-talking’-bout, Willis?"- "Like, Oh my God! - "Wrong Number."

Sign Of The Time's

On second thought, it might not be so cool after all. It’s probably a good idea that mobile phones had not become invented yet. The thought of having someone texting me a nude image of themselves would have been a little too much to handle. Today's young adults seem to have a more care free attitude about sex compared to when we were the same age.

Because of the overload of information available today, the social media generation has learned to not take things so seriously. In our time, I don't think that we were ready for this kind of tolerance. As much as I think it would have been cool back then to own a mobile phone, I'm glad I didn't

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