Elder couple’s marriage plans of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana was already excited and scares the American media. Prince William will marry Kate Middleton reported after his 28th birthday, which falls on June.

According to Star Magazine America alert, wedding extravaganza is expected to spend the money worth $ 40 million.

The Wedding Prince William with Kate Middleton is a big celebration and so the public spotlight. Almost all television shows and the news reported the United Kingdom s royal marriage. To the extent created a special movie that tells the journey-romancing prince William, with Kate Middleton.

This generated to inspire Chinese factories to take advantage of the UK s royal marriage fanfare by producing a replica of engagement ring for the whole world.

Do you need a royal engagement ring, but also do not want to pay several thousand dollars buying that original?

Very good news to you, for the reason that China is producing large-scale duplicate of the engagement ring Prince William with Kate Middleton, that can manifest hysterics by selling fake royal engagement rings just few .

The producers in Yiwu, Zhejiang province of eastern China, has produced a replica of these royal ring as make a copy and this becomes well-liked in many countries, Reuters reported.

Diamond engagement ring together with blue sapphire is actually owned by Princess Diana. Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton demonstrate to the public on November. The couple planned to marry in April this year (2011).

Jewelry maker, Zhou Mingwang, told Reuters that he took the prospect that benefiting from the counterfeit ring immediately after 10 William and Middleton publish their engagement.

"After they declared their engagement, by chance I saw them an engagement ring on the web. I suppose the event has a big alert value and think there is a good market for these products," said Zhou.

Ring of the royal couple could be valued at all over 30,000 British pounds (47,a million dollars), however the copies will be avaible wholesale prices three yuan (relating to U.S. dollars 0:50) for acrylic and metal blend ring, or fifty yuan (U.S. $ 7:50) for the replica is produced with zircon or a mixing of copper and also silver.

So for you, the hunters historic jewelry, but also inexpensive, is an opportunity for you to get this ring.

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