Going beyond the conventional means of medicine is usually an apprehensive move for many. However, there are times when the best medical procedures are created only by breaking the traditional norms and unfolding the maximum potential of technological advancements being witnessed by modern medicine. One such highly accredited individual, whose actions resonate with this theory is Dr Ashwin Porwal, renowned proctologist and founder of Healing Hands Clinic. He believes that there exist measures that can simplify even the most complex medical procedures, thereby beating down the recurrent nature of a large number of diseases. His penchant for deeper knowledge and advancements has helped Healing Hands Clinic to grow from being a modest medical setup in Pune to the nation’s leading chain of super speciality proctology centres.

Accredited as the best proctologist in India, Dr Porwal spawned the clinic's presence in both Pune and Mumbai. However, his patients are a mix of people who travel from a wide portfolio of cities and countries to consult with him and receive permanent relief from several anorectal diseases like piles, constipation, fissure, fistula, to name a few. None of these patients have ever complained of recurrence of the diseases thereby serving as a testimony to the doctor's remarkable proficiency. More than 40000 patients have been treated at Healing Hands Clinic, thanks to Dr Porwal's proactive approach towards getting rid of the roots of rectal trouble. He introduced Leonardo laser for the first time in India, to treat conditions like piles, fistula, fissure and pilonidal sinus.

The internationally recognised doctor has also created a medical procedure called Distal Laser Proximal Ligation (DLPL) to treat complex and recurrent fistulas in the most efficient manner. The laser aspect of this procedure ensures minimal pain and maximum effect.

With this path-breaking technique, fistula which is notorious for its recurrence rate, can be permanently cured. DLPL technique has been recognised by several international forums and received much appreciation at World Congress on Proctology, WorldCon 2017, where Dr Porwal presented a paper on the technical aspects and results of the procedure.

The Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, has recognised Pune-based Healing Hands Clinic to train qualified doctors in proctology under its fellowship programme. Proctology is a branch of medicine dealing exclusively with diseases and disorders of rectum, anus, colon and the pelvic floor.

The move gains importance as about 50% of the total surgeries conducted in India currently pertain to piles, fissure, fistula, prolapse, constipation and incontinence.

Owing to the wide array of surgical treatments offered, availability of latest facilities and the huge inflow of patients with a variety of anorectal conditions, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has recognised Healing Hands Clinic to train doctors in Proctology under its fellowship programme. This initiative caters to the necessity of training more number of doctors in minimally invasive techniques, considering the increasing burden of these lifestyle related anorectal conditions. Dr Porwal has trained over 180 surgeons in short courses in Proctology, and he thinks that the fellowship program will encourage young medical students to take up proctology as a career.

With his visionary approach and determination to excel, Dr Porwal revolutionized the way proctology was perceived within the medical domain. Thanks to his efforts in raising awareness, those who kept silent due to awkwardness, especially women, are now coming forth and seeking help. Hurry and book your appointment now; sitting on your worries will not drive them away.

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Healing Hands Clinic is leading proctology clinic for all anorectal diseases like piles, hernia, fistula, constipation, fissure and more in India. Dr Ashwin Porwal leading colorectal surgeon at healing hands clinic. Dr Porwal has been a pioneer in this field and has ushered in novel treatments for anorectal diseases. We are proud to state that Healing Hands Clinic has been certified ‘Centre of Excellence in Proctology’ by world renowned colorectal surgeon Dr Antonio Longo.