Importance of general knowledge on the society
General awareness and knowledge of current affairs play a very important role in any civilized human society. Most of the educational organizations like junior schools as well high schools keep GK as an important paper in their courses of study. Thus, the general awareness knowledge is developed in the minds of the children from their childhood. General knowledge (GK) quiz are conducted in many schools colleges and universities in order to improve the basic knowledge of the students. It is also very important to socialize more with respectful and sophisticated people of the society. The knowledge is thus fruitful in every sphere of life.

Necessities of general awareness
General awareness is immensely important for various entrance exams for higher studies like MBA (Master of Business Management) and private as well, government sector competitive recruitment exams. There are general awareness sections in the written exams of this entire competitive test. It is also important in the group discussion (GD) and personal interview (PI) rounds. Thus, the candidates must have a very strong knowledge of the current affairs and recent happenings in India as well abroad. Sound general awareness knowledge is one of the key factors for success in these exams.

Various sources of recent affairs
There are numerous sources to gain general awareness. The 24*7 hours news channels on the television are one of the biggest sources of recent happening all over the world. The daily newspaper bulletins at households are also very convenient sources of general awareness. The monthly and weekly magazines are also good sources of the important events and happening in India as well as other parts of the world. The web sites on the internet are also good sources of GK. The high definition videos and high resolution photos on the web sites make the news reading experience more enjoyable. The news is flashed instantaneously at the web sites at the very moment of their occurrence.

Ways to improve general knowledge
Since, general awareness plays a very important role in every sphere of human life; everyone should always try to improve it. Conduction of current affairs quiz in various localities is one of the best methods to improve the knowledge of general awareness among the common people. Reading of year books is very useful to improve general awareness, among people of all ages and from all the classes of the society. The current affairs throughout the year are highlighted in a very interesting manner in these books. Anyone can know a lot about the recent happenings in various fields like economic, social, cultural, religious, sports and entertainment

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