Intermittent fasting is not a diet plan to follow. However, it is timely, managed eating phenomenon. Subjecting our bodies to a specific time limit of calorie intake produces significant and noticeable impacts on health. It promotes excess fat loss, improves overall metabolic health, and aids in bettering disease-related health markers like blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol levels.

intermittent fasting is a phenomenon of eating in periods. It includes a long period of fasting with little or no-calorie intake and a portion of time with unrestricted eating. The body fulfills its calorie requirements within the limited time of eating, and the fasting portion helps control the calorie intake desires. It is a beneficial way to maintain a healthy body and is very useful if practiced for a time of weeks or months.

How can one start with an intermittent fasting routine?
intermittent fasting
You can start at any time you want. All you have to do is check up on your body how long it can restrict calorie intake. There are three ways you can start this routine and check what works best out for you.

Alternate day fasting
The method includes fasting and eating on alternate days. For example, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are fasting days, whereas Tuesdays and Thursdays are non- restricted eating days. This manner of intermittent fasting is found to be outstanding in weight loss. People have found to be losing around 0.75 pounds per week by practicing this routine.

Time-restricted fasting
This includes following a specific meal plan for a limited period of a day and fasting the most hours. It is very beneficial for the people new to the fasting routine and doesn’t want to starve themselves.

Whole day fasting
The method includes one to two days of complete fasting in a week. However, the rest of the days include normal eating. This is also very efficient for beginners and is beneficial in balancing a healthy lifestyle.

Why should you opt for intermittent fasting for a healthy lifestyle?
Fasting is a very healthy phenomenon to balance and maintain the body physiology. It is a trendy method among people to simplify their lives. The one great reason to opt intermittent fasting is the wellness of overall health and body well-being. It minimizes the signs and effects of aging and helps a person feel fresh and fit in his daily routines.

Effects of fasting intermittent on the body
Physiologically fasting produces very positive effects on body metabolism.

Reducing the level of insulin helps in less production of fats.
Maintain body blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and sugar level.
Increases the level of human growth hormone, which increases body fitness in general.
It helps the body to feel more energetic and active.
Bottom line
The bottom line is if you are looking forward to a healthy lifestyle and do not want to restrict yourself to a boring food routine, then this is the best way you can.

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