Performance Appraisal is the process of systematically evaluating the performance of the employees in an organization. This procedure is carried out to keep account of the employees work with respect to its growth and contribution in the organizational success. This can be carries out monthly, weekly or even annually based on the size and requirement of the company.

Traditionally Employee Performance Appraisal was carried out by the human resource team but with latest advancements in the IT has made it possible much simpler by the Performance Appraisal Software. This software tracks and records all the graphs of each and every employee performance to rank them according to their work standards and conduct. Surely this software integration has helped the HR team to greater extent by making their task much simpler and quick.

However form ages employees have greater impact of Employee Performance Appraisal on their performance and conduct. These evaluations can either drive the confidence or can even ruin the self esteem of some employees. However this differs from individuals to individuals and the result obtained from these appraisals.

Here are some of the effects on the employees of the Employee Performance Appraisal criteria.

• Employees who get high scores on their performance appraisals are highly motivated to perform well and increase their productivity. Positive feedback makes the employee feel himself as a worthy contributor towards the organization success motivating them to work more hard in the future.

• Employee Performance Appraisal can also hurt the quality and teamwork in the employees, as it can tend the employees to compete against one another. The competition can also turn up unhealthy thus affecting the overall performance.

• By these appraisals the goals and objectives will be clearly defined to the employees, thus making them ready for all the challenges and growth. Also the Performance Appraisal Software organizes a comprehensive plan for employee development to help the individuals to achieve their goals. By getting a clear picture of objectives the employees will work hard to get to the new heights.

• Positive feedbacks along with compensation packages like bonus, high salary, extra benefits, allowances and pre requisites will drive the employee’s growth to new level. The feeling of worth and praise will make them eager for more and more driving them towards hard work and success.

• This performance management process opens up a clear medium of communication between the employees and the supervisors. Through performance appraisal, the employers can understand and accept skills of subordinates and will try to comply with them. The communication plays a very important role in success of any organization by developing the spirit of work and by boosting the morale of the employees. Also, communication can be used as a best tool when ever negative score is given to an employee as the managers can clearly explain the aspects and help guide the individuals towards the right procedures.

• Employee Performance Appraisal will help to maintain the completion in the employees as based on their performance they can be promoted and demoted. For getting on a positive score the employees will work efficiently thus improving on their performance levels.

All these impacts will drive the overall operations of the organization as the employees play the key role in success. If the team is working efficiently and is going on the right path both the individual employee’s and as well the company can reap huge benefits. And now with the help of Performance Appraisal Software the task of evaluating the performance is much simplified and is also generating accurate reviews leaving no feel of doubt and uncertainty among individual employees. Learn more at

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