Advancement of technology has played a great role in shaping our society; be it the Stone Age, Iron Age or Bronze Age or today; every age has its own features and significantly has a greater impact on shaping our society. What we are today or what we have evolved is a result of what technology has given us. In this recent time where technology is at its best and we humans have all the modern amenities, making our life easy and hassle free is just because of the evolution of technology.

The modern technology has shaped our society in such a way that, it has made everything at our reach just a click away. Our planet is a made up of a large no of cultural as well as language diverse people, where people does not share anything, be it culture or language, but the advanced technology has made them interact with each other reducing the cultural and geographical gaps. When people starting interaction, the need to have a common language platform arose and people started learning different languages to know more about different people and their cultures.

The eagerness to know about other people helped people to learn languages that were not their mother language. By learning different languages people not only got to know other cultural better but it also helped people study their rich heritage, religion, studies, etc.

In the ancient times when discoveries were made they were made in local language, but when people started learning different languages they started converting these discoveries, theories, books into other languages which helps other people know then also. The discoveries or theories which were done around the globe helped other people to know them and they made further contribution to them to take them to a a step ahead. Hence, with the help of translation these were made available to almost everyone around the globe. Religious books were converted into other languages making them available for other people to learn and know more about other religions.

In modern times, English become a world standard language for people to communicate. In most countries, schools starting teaching English to students to make them capable of competing on an international level. English became a global medium, and everything was converted into English to make the document, text, theories, studies, thesis available to masses.

Thus, with the help of translation our society has evolved from cultural different society to a common global society where everyone can has a common way to interact and stay in touch. And the professional translation services has helped reaching broader masses.

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