Technology has taken a rapid growth and with that many new updations have come up. People have been becoming independent upon the technology sector. Without technology, it becomes difficult for a person to perform their day to day life work.

With technology, there comes a platform of social media, where people are becoming used to it day by day. The social media platform has brought many new opportunities and benefits in the lives of human. But it is also affecting human daily life activities. The social media platform is important but with that, it is also important to look after impacts that are putting upon the human lives.
People are becoming victim of social media platforms. It has become hard to think for the people of not using the social media platform for a couple of time. Social media has both the positive and negative impacts that accordingly work upon the lives of the human. Here in this blog, we will discuss the negative impacts that social media has placed upon the human lives.

1. Social media carrying out depression and anxiety:

Depression and anxiety is the toughest thing for a human to cope up with. People are seen spending more time on social networking sites. This makes it effective in the mood of a person. More the time people will spend in the social networking site, more the people will be having an adverse effect upon the mood. This can lead to affect in the mental health that includes symptoms like depression and anxiety.

Social media can also cause psychological distress. If a person indulges themselves too much in the social media sites then they are likely to have affected the psychological distress. To stay away from the effect of psychological distress a person should spend limited time for about half an hour per day on social media sites. It completely depends on the person how they spend their time on social networking sites. The less time they spend, the less they are to be affected by depression and anxiety.

2. Increase in the number of cyberbullying cases:

Social media platforms have also brought up many cases of cyberbullying. In the 80s and 90s bullying was only known to do in face to face. But, the introduction to social media platforms bullying is done online anonymously. Cyberbullying can affect in a very bad manner. As the facility of hiding our faces behind the screen can make a person more jerk in doing online bullying.

Though, social media platforms have made easier for the people to connect with their friends staying in far away country. But it made easier for the strangers to find victims to bully around in the social media platforms. Sometimes for some situations, people forget that online attacks in some post can affect the mental state of a person very deeply. It puts a deep mental scar in the minds of the people. Researchers have found out that cyberbullying has affected most of the younger stars as they keep on indulging mostly in social networking sites.
Adults spend most of their time on the social platforms that make them a victim of cyberbullying.

Though, you can also take safety measures with the help of technology. If a person gets victimized in cyberbullying then they can take safety measures and report cyberbullying cases to fight against cyberbullying. It is very much important to know how to handle yourself in the social media platform to avoid being a victim of a cyber bully.

3. Social media bringing up the fear of missing out

Fear of missing out is something that came up when the formation of social media platforms came. The fear of missing out is the most common factor of negativity that a person can go through. This is the most common effect of social networking sites.

Fear of missing out is a kind of social anxiety that a person can face. This comes up when a person fears losing its importance in the social media platforms or scared of missing out from something they really never want to miss out. Fear of missing out forms mostly when a person keeps themselves fueled in social media engagement.

The more they engage themselves to become popular or grab attention the more it will effect their social anxiety. It depends on the people how they balance their social life and their personal life. It is important to know the difference of sharing its thoughts and events to a person in life and sharing it in social media platforms.

4. Social media causing negative body image:

People nowadays have become more concerned about body image because of the social media platforms. Wearing out celeb like outfits have become a trend and to follow that many have lost their own identity somewhere. Body image has become a big issue for the people living in the world of social media. To cope up with the standards people are becoming more conscious of keeping up the perfect look no matter what. It not only marks a false effect on their lives as well as their way of living. It really marks a big impact on the body image that troubles up to the lives of the people.
This is the biggest negative impact that occurs in human lives. To maintain this up, people need to put more conscious of other kinds of stuff rather than focusing on the outfits or marinating a body image in the social platform sites.

5. The cause of unhealthy sleep patterns:

People spending their valuable time in social networking sites can lead to affect in the lifestyle. It can change the way the people spend their time in their day to day lifestyle. People are seen getting engaged in social sites. It not only marks bad impacts in the mind it also changes their sleep cycle. Giving out more time in the social networking site can change the sleeping cycle and it can affect the mental and physical health of a person.
These are some of the negative impacts that can change the lifestyle of a person.

It completely depends upon the people as to how they handle their social life as well as personal life. The human being should understand the difference between getting indulge in the social media platform as well as personal life being.

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Kelly Smithen is an aspiring writer who loves to write about technical blogs. She mostly writes topics related to technical niche.