You are the Healer – Teacher – Guru – Leader,
You’ve been waiting for, now is the time to act, this is your hour!

In this world of constant change, self identification has changed too. Who shapes your thoughts, words, feelings and actions? Our larger community for so many years has trained us to look to the “authority” for our answers, but now that world is caught in the same chaos we are; have you find yourself distracted by the system in which we live? Has the truth inside your being been over looked; who has your answers in this chaotic change?

Your inner self talk maybe the most important conversation you will ever have. But who are you listening to? Your left brain is the intellectual side of your brain and even though it’s solution oriented it doesn’t see the bigger picture, the right side is heartfelt, compassionate, caring, yet discernment is extremely important in the “big picture” of life, you really want to engage both sides of your brain, and include your heart, body and soul to have complete integration of a full mind-body-soul experience of yourself.

Relax, take a moment and begin to let yourself integrate, all the parts of yourself; body, heart, mind and soul; inspiration is born from the integration of who you are, your experiences, your love and your soul.

Step 1- Self Integration: Without integration we are not whole!

So often we forget to bring our soul into our body; without it we are not integrated. Our Soul is the pathway to higher consciousness within ourselves. As you bring your soul into your body; it begins to settle into its rightful place inside you, in the core of your body, along the central vertical axis of your body. This resting place for your Soul has always been there, you just may not have been aware of it until now. Your Soul is there to integrate with your body, heart and mind; blending all these parts of yourself into one whole being.

While you experience your Soul in your body you may feel as if the light has finally turned on inside you, that worry, doubt, and fear begin to melt away, you’re less scattered and more grounded. Let yourself feel grounded for a moment, notice that a sense of ease and well being begin to emerge throughout your entire body.

This emergence is only the beginning of what I like to call “Place of Peace” this now becomes your foundation for self expression. From your place of peace interconnectedness of all the parts of yourself take place, remarkable inner strength and confidence become yours as a genuine inner will power emerges and you begin to listen to your own heart.

Step 2 – Listening to your inner being.

The pathway of listening to your inner being is simple; meditation is that doorway to your inner self; it will take you from the public stream of chaos; into the personal stream of power with ease and grace taking you to your very core in just moments;

Your Soul is the channel for higher consciousness and you can open that channel when you meditate, through the channel of meditation we are able to contact to an even higher source, God, Goddess, and Universal Source; whatever you understand as greater than yourself can now be integrated with you through the portal of meditation. The activity of mediation takes us into a deeper state of Theta; where connection to source, relaxation and healing take place.
Through meditation your mind has the power to redirect your life. Healing comes from within to restore balance and design your life’s goals. This is the power you have in your hands right now! Do you feel motivated to make changes, to be at cause of your life? This process applies to everything!
So many people tell me that their mind is just too busy and they can’t meditate, they’re just too distracted thinking about their situation, job, the kids, dinner, and a steady stream of thoughts with no end. Yes, we all have powerful minds, as a society we have developed a strong left brain prowess. I like to tell people to see that powerful left brain thinking as a channel, just like a TV channel and to simply turn the dial on those channels to a quieter channel where they can simply listen and be.

Step 3- Practice every day!

It takes some practice to allow yourself to turn that dial, but when you do its well worth the experience, because when you do, you discover that you are not all those thoughts, nor those situations.

There is a freedom in this awareness that is so liberating that even trauma, drama and stress just fall away. I meditate every day, usually starting my day with meditation, breathing into my body, I do a practice called the “Daily Morning Clearing” centering myself, I begin to integrate my body, heart , mind and soul. Integrating all the parts of me is the key to existing in life as a “whole person”.

Step 4- We are not our thoughts!

Our thoughts can very powerfully shape the way we see ourselves in the world. Within the context of our thoughts the first directive is, just let them go. We are not our thoughts. The being that lives inside your body is not a collection of thoughts, we create thoughts to help shape and direct our world, you are their creator, you’re not at their mercy; and so in meditation just let them go. This is the place to start fresh, and be the creative being that lives inside your body.

Starting fresh every morning releases you from the mental anguish that you may find yourself in from day to day such as; fear, worry, doubt, “Am I good enough”. So you’re listening starts with your inner self talk, you want to think about yourself as well, what do you want to think about yourself today; peaceful, capable, confident… as you think of yourself as these things walk, talk and take action from this awareness knowing that they are where yourself expression is today. Breathe, look and feel confident, peaceful and capable because you are “being confident, peaceful, and capable” in your core, believe it, feel it, know it, think it and be it.

And what is the rest of the world doing today, well it seems to be changing, shifting and being anything but stable. If you hop on board that idea, then you align yourself with moving, changing, shifting and being anything but stable; for me that’s crazy making. Meditation allows you to be confident inside yourself while the rest of the world is expressing their selves any way they want.

Step 5- Daily Application!

Try applying this core attitude to everything that shows up in your life, any given day. For myself, I go to work, from my place of peace, from co-creation and success; I share that peace with the people I work with everyday. By being “Peaceful” they feel and experience peace while they are with me and perhaps carry it with them throughout their day; sharing peace, confidence and capable with whomever they meet.

So I don’t go to work from a place of “the World is Broken and we have to fix it”; my attitude of co-creation allows for the fact that the world is right here, right now, exactly as we make it, no one is right, no one is wrong. Life exists where we put our attention, by shifting my attitude from right/wrong to one of co-creation, now I view the world from that place.

Where would you like to go from here? What is happening for you right now? Is community ever present within you? Stay with that, focus on what’s important to you now; feel the words that express what you’d like to share of yourself in every given situation. Be the expression of those words, feel it, convey it in your actions and thoughts until you’ve got it, be the creator of your own reality, navigate life from your own personal expression, the people in your community will get it as the person you choose to be emerges.

When you go within to meditate you de-stress your stress load, you open to your own creativity and connect to a deeper part of yourself. Listening is perhaps the most profound thing you can do; for yourself! And as you go within to listen, do it every day; the practice of listening to your higher self every day will change your present reality forever!

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Re'va Rinchen Dawa NCTMB*LMT*Ch.T
Is a multi-faceted therapist of 25 years, Transitional Life Coach specializing in women's health care, Body Centered Therapies including Chakra Balancing, Distance Healing and Cranial Sacral Therapy. Re’va now brings you a revolutionary new concept in skin care! Joint Ventures are Welcome!

Best Sellers: Sacred Journey Sacred Life
Career Focus: Author, Speaker, Coach, and Business owner
Affiliation: International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards;
The American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP

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