Everyone with a vision problem always thinks of the best alternative to help enhance their vision. While some may prefer reading glasses, others will opt for a surgical procedure. Suppose you have severe nearsightedness and your doctor tells you that you are not legible for LASIK surgery, your fate is not with glasses or contact lenses forever. You have an alternative to an implantable Collamer lens. The specialists’ team at IC Laser Eye Care thrives in several vision correction options including inserting an implantable Collamer lens in Philadelphia. Though they are a permanent solution to enhance your vision, you can talk to your doctor to remove the lenses with dissatisfaction.      

What is ICL and why would your doctor recommend the treatment?

Have you ever heard of a procedure that does not force your doctor to remove other tissues? That is what happens with an implantable Collamer lens surgery. Implantable Collamer lens (ICL) is a unique intraocular lens that your eye surgeon will implant into your eye without necessarily removing your natural lens. The lens corrects several vision problems including farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. ICL is a perfect option, especially for the younger generation between 21-45 years that do not necessarily need to wear reading glasses but desire a laser vision correction surgery alternative.

During the procedure, your doctor will implant the lens via a microscopic incision that needs no stitches and will not disrupt your cornea’s health or shape. The treatment is permanent and the lens is likely to remain in your eye for a very long time. However, if you are not satisfied with its vision or the vision occasionally shifts, you can contact your doctor and they will remove it.    


How are you likely to benefit from the implantable Collamer lens?

Apart from having improved vision, you will have several other benefits including:

  • The downtime is short because your doctor will not remove any tissue.
  • The lens is good for you if you are not legible for laser eye surgery.
  • ICL fixes severe nearsightedness that might fail to be corrected with other surgeries.
  • Though the lens should be permanent, you can decide to remove it when you wish to.
  • The lens grants you excellent night vision.
  • ICL is less likely to make you have dry eyes.

What will make you unfit for the lenses?

Though ICL best enhances vision, you could be unfit for the treatment. Therefore, you must discuss your options with your ophthalmologist before you settle on the procedure. ICL will be unsuitable for you when you are:

  • Below 21years of age
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Above 45years of age
  • Under certain medications like those to enhance your vision
  • Having an underlying condition that prevents efficient wound healing
  • Having a lower endothelial cell count

What should you expect during the procedure?

The procedure that takes approximately 30minues starts with your surgeon numbing your eye with local anesthesia so you will not feel pain. The surgeon will then make tiny incisions in your iris. He will insert the lens through an incision before moving it behind your iris, in front of your natural lens. You may need eye drops or oral medication after the procedure. 

You do not have to subject to reading glasses and contact lenses when there is an option. Contact the eye experts today and discuss with your surgeon if ICL is an option for you.

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