The main challenge of pharmaceutical serialization is the track-and-trace factor that requires the WMS to know where each serial number is at all times for each pharmaceutical product. These products tend to be comparatively small, and there may be several per pallets that need to be traced.
Keeping track of which serial numbers have linked with which inventory different software are available to scan distinct barcodes for cases and pallets of pharmaceutical products. That software, combined with the capability to scan 2D barcodes on distinct products to extract information, like the product’s serial number, expiry dates, and lot number in a particular scan, allowed the team to trace pharmaceutical products at all stages and pull relevant information at any time.
In this article, we will discuss Pharmaceutical Serialization and Retail Serialization.
Many giant retail companies focus on serialization. As long as you know how much of the inventory of each product comes in through the back door and out through the opposite, the inventory requirement will be satisfied. Is it important to track distinct units separately? Most of the time, giving SKUs to inventory does not achieve the purpose of dealing with inventory. This is because a particular SKU given to an inventory can comprise multiple items of the same inventory.
Inventory Serialization comes into the show here as it contains tracking inventory on a granular level by giving each item an individual unique serial number.

Pharmaceutical Serialization for Federal Obedience
The latest FDA regulations object to avoid filthy drugs from making their approach to the consumer by implementing pharmaceutical serialization and track-and-trace procedures. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act is a federal retort to the letdown of state-level rules to trace and isolated filthy pharmaceuticals.
With this pattern of pharmaceutical serialization, it is not irrational to think that upcoming federal regulations could implicate retail serialization.
Serialization could easily be functional to businesses deal out cosmetic or domestic products that hold certain compounds. The retail customers hold them to an extraordinary level of operational brilliance, and a notch of retail serialization has needed to keep up with the ever-altering nature of the retail supply chain.

Track and Trace Retail Serialization with one Barcode Scan

Some retail customers necessitate the unique serial numbers for particular products to be apprehended and linked with the inventory being shipped out. Except for these products, there is a tag that has all the human-comprehensible serial numbers for that case, alongside a tiny 1D barcode of each serial number. At the end of that label, a 2D barcode that has all the serials for that event, but the latest software has serial capture method only reinforced scanning 1D barcodes.
Instead of scanning each small1D barcode, the latest software helped enable pickers to capture every serial number in a single scan of the 2D barcode. This lessened the margin of error for miss-scanning and improved productivity by decreasing the number of scans.

Application and Succeeding Steps
Through the topmost-down and bottommost-up analysis, it was determined that a reorganized data management model would be responsible for the lowest cost implementation, but a centralized model would provide the best data reliability and catalog resiliency.
The key to effective pharmaceutical serialization is the accessibility of more comprehensive government provisions on data criteria and responsibilities. Although it is the potential to factually determine the best solution, the constraints of real-life will make any recommendations infeasible without government supervision. Configuration of systems, developments, and accountabilities need to be attained before serialization moves from theory to reality.
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