Infertility has hampered the happiness of a lot of people around the world and though there wasn’t any proper treatment for the same few decades back, the situation has changed drastically over the past few years. Treatment options like IVF has come over to help all those struggling couples around the world while providing them with an option to their already dead hopes.

In Vitro Fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is a technique which is helping all the couples around the world, which were earlier unable to conceive even after an intercourse for 12 months without protection. The process involves the Women to be given with certain medicines which would stimulate their ovaries and helps in producing more eggs eventually to boost their pregnancy chances. The eggs gets harvested from there once they gets ripen and mixed with the sperm derived from the male partner to be mixed in a lab dish thereafter .The Embryos then grows from the same dish which gets kept in the lab for like 4- 5 days and the most productive Embryo then gets transplanted into the Women’s uterus for further development.

A Pregnancy test then gets conducted after a week to ascertain the success level and the patient needs to go through several cycles of the same process if the desired success level isn’t achieved in the process.

Advantages of IVF treatment in India

•IVF really enhance the chances of Pregnancy in certain
instances where the person is facing the Infertility

•IVF treatment works best for all the Women with blocked
fallopian tubes and the same situation can be treated
with regular treatments.

•All those Men which are suffering from low sperm count
issue can get benefitted with IVF in a great manner.

•IVF also helps in where the Men’s sperm is less

•During the IVF process, embryos get developed in lab
dish and hence the Sperm traction with Eggs inside the
body not required.

•IVF also provide all the couples which are unable to
produce the eggs or sperm with an option of Egg and
Sperm donor

•Even at the time of Surrogacy, the Surrogate mother can
get infused with the Embryos created in a lab dish with
the help of IVF.

•The quality of the eggs can be pre checked before
getting them further harvested in the lab dish.

•Any issue with the Sperm or the Hormonal balance can be
ascertained in Advance.

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