Growing up, the school remains one of the most memorable parts of our lives. If one remembers instances from school, recess is certainly what involves mind. For instance, running around the playground and sharing tiffin with friends. It is the most awaited time of the day. However, with the ever-growing competition, everyone doesn't get the prospect to enjoy it. Therefore, we must convey the importance of recess appropriately.

Why is Recess Important in School?

Recess refers to a period of time one is given for recreational activities. They are discharged from their obligations briefly. When we talk in regard to school, recess gives children time to play. In addition to other activities like socializing, eating, and several other activities.

Recess has proven to have numerous benefits. It serves as an important tool in the overall development of a child. They learn various new things. They learn to be independent. As they are not supervised by their teachers like in a classroom. Various scientific researchers have also shown the benefits of recess.

Benefits of Recess

Not only is it believed so, but studies have also listed the importance of recess. More importantly in today's world, where children are glued to screens. Most of them probably only enjoy physical activities at recess only.

The major benefits of recess are -

Enhances Memory and Focus

When you provide a kid time to play, they're going to naturally focus more. You cannot expect them to work constantly. When they get a break, they regain their focus. In other words, their minds may wander thanks to monotonous periods. But a recess refines their memory.

Improves Physical Activities

As stated earlier, children get more screen time than playtime. This is harmful in various ways. Recess gives them time to interact in physical activities. This benefits their health greatly. Similarly, it also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

Increase in Productivity

When kids get an opportunity from studying constantly, their efficiency will definitely increase. Continuous hours of studying will make them inefficient. Their tiring mind won't let them be productive. But, recess helps with that. They come back refreshed and produce fruitful results.

Social Growth

School plays an important role in helping kids socialize. Recess is that best time which let kids socialize by themselves. As they negotiate for the swing and more. It gives them the chance to make decisions independently.

Conflicts Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become very common nowadays. With more and more kids spending time on phones and tablets, it's become a norm. Recess gives the children an opportunity to run around and play. This will result in lesser chances of them having obesity.

Cuts Down Stress Levels

Children are usually predicted to do well at school. This takes a toll on them sometimes. Sometimes due to unfinished homework or an upcoming test. This may leave the child stressed. Recess is a time when they can truly relax. In addition to taking their minds off of things. Consequently, recess reduces the stress levels of children as well.


No matter the quantity of competition, recess will always remain significant. The administration must make sure of this. After all, we are nurturing kids and not machines.

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