Today, every school focuses on acquainting the students regarding the current affairs of the world. This is an effort to build a habit in the student, to stay updated and hence, to stay aware. Current affairs refer to the important incidents that have occurred and hold social importance in the world. The important role of current affairs can be evident with the various eligibility criteria adopted by the job sector, where individuals are hired based on their knowledge of their surroundings. Knowledge of current affairs works on two levels. For some it is mere knowledge of an event that occurred, while for others it is an important of their exam syllabus. Competitive exams portray the importance of current affairs in our lives. They dedicate a major section of their question paper to current affairs. Therefore, for students appearing for any competitive exam like civil service exam, bank exam, and insurance sector jobs etc it is very essential to prepare the current affairs.

Today, the question in these competitive exams is more inclined towards current affairs. Even the interview session consists of current affairs. They usually give you a situation regarding any on going current affair and take your views on the matter. This requires a thorough knowledge of the event or incident that took place. There are many competitive exams, that thrive on current affairs like all exams conducted by UPSC, that come under civil services. For example, in IAS, since the previous years more questions consist of current affairs. Even, LLB exam, it is formally declared that current affair questions will be maximum in number. Many students are not able to clear these exams, in spite of proper preparation because of their low general awareness level. One should start preparing months before, the actual commencement of the exam. Newspapers, magazines, news channels and radio are some of the mediums, which help us to stay updated. Quizzes are also an interesting way to gain knowledge on various subjects.

One of the reasons for this growing dependence on current affairs is due to globalization. It has brought the world closer and instilled a sense of close-knit community of beings. Any event that occurs in one corner of the world, affects the people in some other end of the world. Moreover, globalization has also led to diminishing the boundaries and interdependence of countries on each other. Thus, a tragic incident in one country affects all the other countries that deal with it. Example, the Earthquake in Japan devastated all the countries that dealt with it.

Therefore, the growing dependency of current affairs is evident in our lives. Some people update themselves to stay vigilant, while it helps others for exam preparation. Practicing current affairs quiz and reading newspapers can help you to stay aware.

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