“Innovation is the change that creates value”. Innovation is the most crucial part of technology. To become competitive, efficient, reduce costs, promote flexibility and to deliver a knockout product.
The dense phase conveying system is one such innovation that has proven to be one of the most useful and efficient resource in Industries. Rieco is the most reliable and renowned Dense phase conveying manufacturer in India, with a high-class manufacturing unit in Pune.
Besides, the Conveying solutions, Rieco also encompasses manufacturing units that provide Environmental solutions and Grinding solutions. In fact, they happen to be the finest dust extraction manufacturer in Pune.

There are two major types of Pneumatic conveying systems based on their weight handling capacity-
Dense phase conveying system
Dilute/lean phase conveying system

Why Dense phase conveying system?
Unlike dilute phase conveying systems, the dense phase conveyors use a small amount of air to transport bulk materials from one point to another through a convey line. Dense phase conveyors offer an advantage of efficiently moving bulk materials with a much denser concentration at relatively low speeds.
Rieco is, one of the most reliable dense phase conveying manufacturers in India also know for offering other various types of conveying solutions.
What is a Dense Phase Conveying System?
The dense phase pneumatic conveying system is a convenient method of moving abrasive, difficult or friable materials, slowly. It involves the transfer of powders, granules, and other dry bulk materials through an enclosed pipeline, giving no space for air to get past the material. The low speed of conveyance helps in lesser wear and tear on the system and the materials being conveyed, reducing the maintenance.
There are certain measures that can be adopted to further the efficiency of the Dense conveying system. For Ex- Low power consumption can be achieved by efficient use of gas, thereby reducing the operating costs.
Generally, a dense phase conveying system process involves moving material from a single point to either a single or multiple collection points.
The Dense phase conveying system is of two types-
Dense phase pressure conveying vs Vacuum conveying
The dense phase pressure conveying system conveys materials at a relatively low speed to reduce material degradation, air consumption, and abrasion on pipeline, bend, and diverter contact surfaces, while the vacuum conveying system is typically used to transfer powder and granules at a low rate (25 tph or less) for truck and/or railcar unloading. This is not suitable for fragile materials or materials containing large particles.
Rieco specialises in the manufacture of dense phase pressure conveying system.
What are the advantages of using a Dense phase conveyor?
As the convey pipeline is densely packed with material, it doesn’t allow air to slip past the material, promoting efficiency
Can handle abrasive and fragile materials effectively
Helps reduce pipe abrasion and wear
Its low air consumption promotes low operating costs
Easy maintenance
Wastage of materials is null
Least material degradation

Ideal materials for the dense phase conveying systems are-
Fine powders- cement and silica
Fine granules- Calcium carbonate, certain types of soda ash
Medium sized granules- silica sand, dolomite granulated sugar
Soft and compressible materials- wood flour, saw dust
Abrasive materials- calcined aluminium, silica sand, carbon fines, flints

Rieco has an extensive experience in handling 200+ materials, be it fragile, explosive or abrasive powders. Our expertise enables us to recommend and provide customized solutions in various types of pneumatic dense phase conveying systems making us one of the most efficient dense phase conveying manufacturers in India.

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