Line art illustrators in the UK use a method of drawing where the style involves working with lines, usually on a plain background. Rather than being complex, these drawings are straight, distinctively curved without any shading or colouring to create the two-dimensional or three-dimensional effect. Colours are used sometimes, although line art is invariably single colour. The emphasis is on form and lines over colours or shading and texture. The result is pure clean lines that make up the stunning visuals. The line art illustrator uses many techniques, yet all of these integrate with the basic drawings. The beauty of this style of illustration is it is ready for reproduction.

All art work begins with line art

In the creative world, the line art illustrator uses charcoal, pen, pencil, ink or black markers to produce the lines. As an important ingredient of a book, illustrations have a highly visible role in the way they influence the reader’s comprehension. This type of art is considered the very first step before building up into an illustration. Artists must create sketches with line art in order to creatively express themselves. These are effective tools to convey shapes and add meaning to the language to effectively communicate what the author is saying.

Line art illustrators in the UK are very talented at creating visuals for a variety of media such as:

• Educational material
• Technical books and manuals
• Scientific journals
• Fiction
• Children’s books
• Instructional manuals
• Websites
• Marketing brochures and flyers
• Animation story boards
• Foreign language books
• And many more

They create original works of art that can be very valuable. Besides using the traditional method of creating with pen and paper, these artists also use technology to produce their art. There are several software packages that help do this.

Adding value to content

The creativity of the artist triggers the imagination of the reader as the visuals help them understand even complex subjects easily. In children’s books, visuals help them grow their imagination and nudge their own creativity. In instructional manuals, difficult concepts are easier to absorb through a combination of text and pictures rather than only reading about them. Additionally, illustrators infuse their own enthusiasm and visualization into the content to present it in a way that appeals to the audience of the book. There are instances where books have become bestsellers because of their stunning visuals.

A special breed of talent

As professional artists, Line art illustrators are also much sought after in other fields besides book publishing. Their work is popular in advertising, television, fashion, animation, graphic design studios, film studios and government agencies. Since they are highly skilled in their work, they are an integral part of the creative world since they can bring the spoken and written word to life for the listener or reader. Often, people buy a book because they are enthralled by the pictures in it. They have the unique ability to carry their talent wherever they go and with their creativity, can work as freelance artists or choose to work with specific clients.

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DylanGibson Illustration is a renowned Line Art Illustrator with years of experience in the field of digital arts. Dylan Gibson is a forerunner Illustrator UK region.