According to the Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), healthcare professionals rely on accredited CME medical conferences to assist and educate them on an array of topics that include the latest trends in medicine, procedures, and policies. These conferences also enable healthcare professionals (HCPs) to maintain their medical licenses with the right number of credits.

Currently, there are nearly 2,000 accredited organizations that conduct more than 148,000 CME educational activities each year[1]. These accredited events are vital to support the healthcare professional’s commitment to lifelong learning and practice development. Each organization needs to cover a series of topics in these meetings that are encountered by HCPs in their day-to-day professional lives. These topics include administration, clinical trials, research, pharmaceutical advancements, leadership management, reducing medical errors, pre and postoperative management, improving the standards of patient care, and much more.

ACCME also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the interests of practices from the undue influence of commercial interests.

Since accredited CME credits play an important role in the credentialing of physicians, the structure of imparting knowledge to HCPs also needs special consideration. Workshops with hands-on experience, live demonstrations, virtual simulations, classroom style discussion, and panel discussions are some of the ways a conference organizes the event. These formats enable physicians to fully understand issues such as prescription drug abuse prevention, patient care, medical errors prevention, chronic and contagious disease management, and more. With hands-on experience, a healthcare professional’s chance of understanding the topic improves drastically.

Each practitioner depends on these accredited organizers for obtaining the required credits for maintaining their license and their practice. HCPs should be sure to validate that the conference is a genuine one by crosschecking with their colleagues and other parameters to ensure they are not falling into a trap.

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CME from an accredited organization helps physicians meet the requirements to maintain their specialty board certification & licenses, credentialing, membership in professional societies, and other professional memberships[2]. Hence, it is very important for HCPs to attend accredited CME medical meetings.

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