Unless your profession required a degree in IT or subjects about computers, you would be having a difficult time enjoying internet surfing when spyware and viruses lurk at every website you enter.

The ILOVEYOU virus from 2011 was a serious eye-opener to software companies about the loopholes in their systems. Since then, with the abundance of more disastrous worms, Trojans, and viruses, upgrades are being made available as frequent as two to three times a year.

Many internet users complain about corrupt files, software dysfunction, and other harm done to their gadgets. They point their fingers at the major computer companies and manufacturers without realizing that plenty of remedies have been made available – whether or not we avail them is up to us.

Why do I need one?

The first antivirus was created even before the dawn of the twenty – first century. It was called ‘The Reaper’, and not many are aware that it is a virus itself designed to capture and destroy the first ever virus, ‘The Creeper’.

This means that threats had been lingering about before we bought our first computer, and experts have long been in battle with them. With the onset of the internet, the battle has been handed down to us along with trusted antivirus security systems.

Computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets which allows you to access the worldwide web are reliant on an antivirus program to defend it from serious damage.

Apart from the internet firewalls that are automatically turned on with our chosen operating system, further measures will have to be taken with the speedy evolution of malware.

Let us consider free antivirus

You are wrong if you think establishing a good defense will cost you a lot – or any.

The best thing about it is it is literally for free, which sounds pleasant especially for those who cannot afford to pay.

Some software companies offer their services for free, but of course, it will not compare to the service features available if you pay for it. Nevertheless, anti-virus downloads are fast, easy to use, and reliable as well.

Their basic jobs are to block the pop-ups called ‘spyware’ that appears when you are entering a website, and also malicious advertisements that crowd the sides of your computer screens.

They constantly require you to scan your computer for any infected documents you have, and even give you options on how you would like them handled.

Do not cancel prompts made by your antivirus, as it would be like refusing the help of a volunteer doctor to check a child that is in frequent exposure to pollution and contagious diseases.

Most worms work in a way that you will not notice in the first few months of their arrival, and they will manifest in your computer’s memory. If they remain undetected, they will play with your keyboards, music players, corrupt images and videos, and turn of your built-in firewall.

With the diversity and abundance of such strong malware that may make you vulnerable to interruption by hackers, it is a good investment to avail the paid services of software companies.

How else can it protect me?

The newest antivirus software go as far as blocking websites that pose a threat to you. Of course, you still have the choice of whether or not you want to continue, but by then you already know that virus infections done was your fault.

It alerts you if a download you are making contains unreliable sources.

If you have often relied on the internet for your research and cannot help but interact with dangerous files, you must have experienced your computer slowing down considerably with all the cleaning and checking your antivirus has to make.

Today, however, upgrades can actually do the opposite for you; it will speed up your system while it does its job.

Cloud antivirus Protection has become the newest and probably most effective facet of computer security. It is less user reliant, meaning it does not require you to study about how to run your antivirus software. Moving your protection to the cloud actually requires less software to be installed. As long as you are connected to the internet, it will automatically update itself with the latest virus signatures and add it to its directory.

Ignorance will do you nothing, so opting for a good antivirus program will spare you a lot of trouble in the future.

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