The article aims to clarify the needs of the article writing and submission to achieve the purpose of getting higher rankings for both the keyword and page rankings on the search engines.

If you have completed your entire website and furnished it through the on page optimization factors then it is the time to go ahead for off page optimization. There are a numerous ways of marketing that internet marking has but there are always some who are assumed to be the market leaders those provide the potential and outstanding outcomes; hence article submission is one of them who drive the SEO campaign in the right direction to the success. Actually the main focus of the SEO is to increase the online presence of a business therefore article marketing is acquaintance as one of the best methods that are employed for this purpose.

How an Article Should Be:

Nowadays as the websites are myriad therefore the need of articles in the internet industry is also in huge demand. It is also believed that an article cannot always be a good article because most of the articles lost their visibility and lost in the black hole due to the poor contents and poor soil. So it is essential to write a good article with some unique and profitable contents along with proper and appropriate keywords used in it. The article should be written for the readers not for some specific search engines to score the point for rankings. The theme of the article should be different though the reader does not feel that it has been read before with some different titles.

Benefits of Article Marketing:

As a whole article marketing is considered to be a fabulous result oriented marketing strategy which provides almost all what we desire from it like backlinks, traffic, rankings etc. Therefore in this particular stage of marketing era most of the SEO experts prefer article submission. It is the best source of getting your readers educated and to help in business promotion too by sharing details about one's business. The readers may have a greater chance of knowing your business in cost effective manners and to analyze your abilities towards your connections with your customers. The keywords used within the article and in the author’s resource box would give maximum exposure for keyword rankings and also help them climb up in search engine rankings.

Some Key Factors of Article Marketing:

Below are some key factors of the article marketing that one can get in order to success in SEO campaign.

1. The article written relevant to one's site would cause in building an effective back link loop that surely results in improving the rankings. Actually the articles written accordingly the products or services that one offers should have the appropriate keywords in it to get maximum exposure therefore one can only include those keywords in that case if he is writing related to his own business.

2. There are only a couple of article directories that allow the writers to include their links within the article body. Those are really beneficial platforms for getting some qualitative backlinks than those of who only allow the links in the author’s bio. Although both types of article directories play their important role in building good backlinks. One can easily get the relevant information about including links in the article from the guidelines for the authors set by the article directories.

3. One of the main intentions of the SEO experts is to optimize the keyword rankings so article directories are a boon for them by providing the numerous ways for rankings their keywords. They can place their keywords within the body of the article (In case the article directory permits the writers to include their link within the article) or within the author’s resource box. One thing should be remembered that use multiple domains for keywords as it will provide the same link juice for both the keywords other than that of the same domain. For this purpose one can include the internal page links which helps in promoting the internal pages also.

4. Article submission is a road to building the community also. If people find your articles informative and effective; they would come across your board regularly to find out something new in every visit. So in this regards your site would have a greater chance of generating traffic which is the key to success of a business.

5. Submitting the article on different article directories is called content Syndication. So it allows the writer to post his article on multiple high page ranked and well reputed article directories to achieve his goals. More submission means more traffic and backlinks. Some experts do not follow the procedure but some do because there are a number of experts who think that it is not syndication but the duplication. Somehow it is being used in the SEO industry that is why I had decided to comment on.

Author's Bio: 

Yasir Liaqat, author of the article is a web site designer and developer, running an E-Commerce Websites UK and Affordable SEO Company UK that has an outstanding experience behind its back to provide not only the website designing and developing but also internet marketing solutions to their honorable customer to compete their competitors.