Exposure to the minute asbestos fibers can cause very dangerous, long-term and possibly deadly diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. All of these diseases can take many years like around 20 or more years to display their correlated symptoms. Asbestos fibers spread into the air from broken, disturbed and damaged asbestos and can profess health hazard as they can be inhaled easily by human respiratory organs.

These fibers are very minute in nature, which can embed in the lungs easily. It is safe to leave the undamaged asbestos as it is. Removing or demolition of asbestos has the potential to create a greater health risk than leaving it undisturbed. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is resistant to both heat and corrosion and also it can found in several household products and also it has been applied in the covering of pipes, building materials, floor tiles, vehicle brakes, and also in vehicle clutches.
Construction work is one of the most at-risk jobs for asbestos exposure. Every worker in a construction site necessity has to take an asbestos training course from any affiliated institutions. It is mandatory to carry a certificate in asbestos awareness course by the workers to avoid the hazards due to asbestos exposure in the site.

5 reasons why asbestos training is necessary for the workplace:

1 It is essential for every worker in the workplace to know the potential sources of asbestos so they can approach these areas with care. Asbestos awareness will make them know how to recognize asbestos-containing materials and also to inform the presence of material in order to protect and avoid asbestos exposure.

2 This training will help the workers to get better knowledge about health risks due to the exposure to asbestos fibers from the workplace. Knowing the health risks results in workers becoming more aware of the importance of informing the right people of the presence of asbestos in the worksite.

3 Asbestos awareness training also notifies workers and managers the legal obligations they are under concerning the discovery of asbestos in the workplace and how to minimize the legal risks to themselves and to the company.

4 Asbestos awareness assists and teach employees and management how to work safely in places where asbestos is present without disturbing the material or putting themselves at risk.

5 Asbestos training also ensures that workers are aware of what to do in an emergency situation should an asbestos incident arise and how to deal with such incidents as swiftly and safely as possible to minimize the risk of exposure to everyone concerned. And this training will make sure that the employee is competent to deal with such emergencies before issuing a certificate of completion for the course.

Asbestos exposure in the workplace can be extremely dangerous and even deadly if it is not treated according to set rules and regulations. The best method and preventive measure against asbestos is asbestos awareness training and the wearing of the accurate personal protective equipment when working with asbestos fibers.


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