Helps enhance the school’s performance

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can build the school’s reputation immensely. Students registration, admission, student attendance, exam assessment, financial accounting, paying salaries & collecting fees, inventory management, etc., are something that every school has been managing since schools existed, however, with expansion of society and role of education in it, these tasks have grown quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Hence, schools cannot manage every data manually. With huge number of students, curricular and extra-curricular activities increasing every session and responsibilities growing manifold, a school management will lag behind if it doesn’t employ a school management system to handle the administrative tasks.

With expanding operations every day, it is necessary that a school simplifies the organizational process to de-clutter the natural hassle involved in the process, a school ERP software is web-based tool can help a school in many ways:

School management becomes organized automatically

Automation is the primary function of a school management system, an efficient school ERP simplifies all the administrative tasks of a school and simultaneously creates a centralized data base of the same functions, which effectively helps the school to take well-analysed decisions.

Classroom management becomes easier

Managing a classroom efficiently is a herculean task. A class teacher has to take attendance and prepare a final attendance data of every student after every term, it’s monotonous and time consuming. What if all this work gets done automatically?

A school ERP makes this possible. A teacher won’t have to waste time preparing attendance charts. Chalking out tasks for students becomes easy as by a click all assigned home works, projects are sent to each student’s respective profiles. With this, receiving the tasks also become easy and can be referred back for any further evaluation and clarification. A school management system can boost efficiency tremendously.

With all monotonous jobs managed automatically by school management system, teachers can devote more of their time to education and explore newer horizons for the students to reach.

It bridges the communication gap between parents and the school

An ERP solution empowered with communication portal can facilitate communication among school management, school principal, school teachers and parents seamlessly. A simple and single thread of connection can remove all the bottlenecks in communication by integrating all the stakeholders. A good school management system can ensure transparency, clarity and collaboration. Information about any meetings, due date of fees, student’s academic performance, exam assessment reports can be conveyed directly to parents; parents can use the parent’s portal to raise any concern to the school teacher, principal or the school management if needed.

A school management system is in accordance with the modern education system in which parents and teachers work together as a team to shape a child’s future.

The school ERP software helps the students to learn better

In all these collaboration and integration of the school’s administrative tasks, the students remain at the center-stage. An efficient, powerful and established ERP software can help enrich the level of education being delivered in several ways:

• Increased teaching time
• Flexibility in academics, like homework submissions
• Education moving from teacher-centric to student-
• Specific, individual data to assist every student
• Students can access information about library,
academics instantly,
• Safety and security of students, buses are tracked by
GPS, etc.,

An ERP’s every module revolves around the automating tedious work either done by staff, teachers or students, hence students can focus in curricular, co-curricular or extra-curricular activities to augment their careers in the desired direction.

School ERP provides economy of cost and time to the school

An inclusive ERP system, which has encompassed a wide range of modules within its’ fold can actually bring down the operational expenditure of the school. With processes turning mechanic, the need of unnecessary staff can be avoided and properly trained staff can multitask bringing down both, cost and time of the school.

Financial accounting

Managing accounts, collection and payment of dues becomes flexible and transparent. Sound financial conditions and accurate knowledge of it automatically creates stability for the school, which is very necessary for any organization.

School management system a magic wand for the school administration

With automation of operations, flexibility in processes, safety and security of students, real time reports and accurate inventory management, a powerful school ERP can enhance the reputation of schools.

An established and market preferred school ERP can provide wide range of modules that can improve the working standards and all together enhance the reputation of the school helping it become a school apt for 21st century kids.

Author's Bio: 

Jitender kumar a Chief Manager Development and Content Strategist for CampusCare (school management software) at Entab, he is a former school public relations specialist who's helped businesses and schools since the year 2000, and has been working closely with schools to fulfil their goals and aspirations.