The railways have the greatest responsibility to keep the economy of a country mobilised. All the countries, no matter whether it is a developing or a developed one, rely more or less on the transportation of the luggage and the people. Delivering the products or the freight at the proper destination without facing any mishap is one of the greatest achievements. The best part is that the risk of damage has been minimised after the introduction of some of the safety devices. One such device is the axle counter that has been introduced as an advanced form of the waterproof DC DC converters determines the passing of trains between two different points on the track.

Before the introduction of the safety measures, there were numerous instances when two trains collided because of the failure of the signalling system. During the mishaps, there was huge loss of freight and lives. This posed a huge loss of property for a country. But with the introduction of the axle counter, one of the devices that have been developed for ensuring the security in the railway system on the railway track to the railways, such mishaps have been lessened.

Principle of Working

This device is used to detect the passing of a train between two points on the same track. Each end of the section has a detection point installed. The counter at the counting head starts counting as soon as the axle of the train passes. At the other end, the detection point has two sensors that sense both the direction, the speed of the train and the time. When the train passes the similar section, a counting is recorded. When both the measurement is same, then the path is considered clear for the trains to proceed.

The working phenomenon of the axle counter has given the railway DC DC converters an all-new start.


Since the axle counter is a device, therefore the device is used in the following places-

Railway signalling

In the railway crossing

In the railway yards to sort out the train tracks


Since it is a vital device, hence, it has an assembly of well-organised components that help to make the device functional that is-

The outdoor sections that have the outdoor detection points laid on the track

The equipment that transfers the information like the cables and the converters

The indoor equipment that has the indication, evaluation, and resetting as main functional task


The axle counters are installed at the detection and the starting points. Each of the points has electronic junction points that communicate with the evaluator. This evaluator gets the counting done. Based on the uniformity in the counting, it is considered safety for the trains to move.

The entire junction box and the components have, like the industrial DC DC converter, have made a new history. The efficiency, as well as the security, has also been made firm with the converters. Also, the reliability on the converters has also increased in all climatic situations, even in the rains, because of the introduction of the waterproof DC DC converters.

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