In today’s digital world where work mainly includes spending hours in front of the computer in a restricted position, body pain and defect in posture is a common phenomenon.
Stiff neck and lower back pain have sadly become a part of our daily life.
Traveling for long hours lead to body pain
Daily interaction with bright screens has had a toll on vision.
Most people suffer from knee pain

Ayurveda is the answer to most of these health issues. It has proven to have shown results in minimum time with no side effects. There are various types of therapies for different parts of the body.
Abhyanga therapy for body pain and overall wellness: This therapy involves a deep massage using essential oils, it improves circulation and proven to reduce stiffness and body pain
Sweda therapy for complete detox and reduce cholesterol levels: It is a detox process, where the steam of boiling herbs are passed through the skin pore to eradicate toxins and calms the nerves.
Kati Basti for the Lower back problem: This therapy includes pouring warm soothing herbal oil on the affected area of the lower back.

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Ayurveda is a “health centered” system of healing. Promotion of health and prevention of sickness is the heart of Ayurvedic health care. Our goal at Athreya Ayurveda is to educate and inform health seekers about longevity secrets of Ayurveda.

At Athreya Ayurveda we believe that health and happiness is in our true nature. Ayurveda is the "science of healthy being" which empowers us with those essential tools to live a long healthy and meaningful life. Approach of Ayurvedic medicine is gentle, easy to follow and deeply transformative. Body and Mind get nourished and uplifted when you follow simple diet plans, seasonal detoxes, Yoga therapy, natural herbs and other health promotive practices. Ones spirit gets uplifted when body and mind are healthy and vibrant leading to holistic health in truest sense.

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