According to the recent study, the apparel industry is growing rapidly with an annual rate of 3 % and is expected to cross 5% growth rate by 2025. This shows the business opportunities for existing as well as new retailers who are trying to grow in the clothing industry, but it is not a cake walk to get a market share. However, by offering something unique can help businesses to grab a big piece of the pie. You just need to come up with unique strategies and execute them for your business.

One such strategy is offering customization services. Allowing your customers to personalize their products perhaps will assist you growing your business to a larger scale. This fulfills customers’ requirements with their customized touch and builds trust in your brand. Earlier, apparel, shoes and other fashion products used to be tailor-made that changes over the years with the bulk production and industrial revolution. But in recent time, the trend of tailor-made product has made its way back to the market. As per the State of Fashion 2018 report, personalization is going to be one of the major trends in 2019.

With the revolution in the ecommerce industry and the growing demand for on-demand facilities, buyers are moving away from bulk-manufactured products and searching for unique products. This change in the industry allows enterprises and online retailers to manufacture niche products for niche users.

Are you willing to take the risk of losing sales because of missing out on the latest market trends? We don’t think so. Below are some major benefits why you should incorporate online fashion design software to your website and sell customized/personalized products via your ecommerce store or website.

Loyal Customer Base: As per the recent research report, users are looking to purchase personalized products, but many online retailers or business owners are ignoring the fact and not grabbing this golden business opportunity. There are very few major brands/manufacturers and a small percentage of online retailers have adopted this and are offering customization services on their online store. By providing a customization option for products available on your website, you could stay ahead of the competition. According to the reports available online, end-users are more interested and engaged with an online website providing product customization services. If you offer something unique, people will come to you again and again, which will build a loyal customer base for your business. You can offer customization option by integrating fashion designing software to your current website.

Wholesale Orders: This is one of the major benefits that you can experience with the product customization tool. Customized clothing and footwear is the best gift option, but usually, people purchase on behalf of a group of friends to show support for their favorite team, to promote any event or any trending movements. Being an online retailer, you can in-cash this chance to increase your revenue by improving profit margins on wholesale orders and generate more brand awareness for your business.

Know Your Customers Better: To run a business successfully, understanding your customers is very important. With clothes design software, you facilitate your consumers to create the design for their product and this gives you an opportunity to understand your customers and their fashion requirements. If you understand what your customers are looking for, you will be in a position to serve their requirements in the best possible way. Facilitating customers to design and purchase the product is like getting paid for understanding your own clients.

Free Marketing for Your Brand: We all understand the craze of social media and it is one of the major reasons behind the increasing demand for personalized products. Everyone looks for a unique way to show their love or support their favorite sport’s team, movie star, music-sensation or anyone whom they idolize.

The ever-changing digital era and fury social media facilitate people to connect with their idols. According to the report, people are ready to pay extra to show their love and support by purchasing customized clothing, footwear or other accessories with their idol on them. Incorporating this plug-and-play fashion design software with your current website to provide the customization option to your customers is an ultimate way to stay competitive in the industry.

Upsell Existing Products: You can upsell of your existing product by offering the customization services. According to the report, people don’t prefer to buy bulk-produced product, but if any websites offer the customization option for the same product, people buy the product by adding their personal touch to the product. You can in-cash this opportunity to sell your existing products and increasing the revenue of your business. A research shows that people are willing to pay 20% extra than the normal price for customized products.

Improve Conversion Rate: Allowing customers to design their product as per their style and fashion taste by providing options to select material, color, and other elements, it leads the customers to visit again to your web-store and buy products from you. By integrating apparel design software, you can allow your customers to design their products according to their needs. The tools designed by iDesigniBuyy give you the option to restrict customers from creating unachievable combinations. The customization reduces the processes in the sales cycle and improves the conversion rates.

To stay ahead in the market, it is important to understand the current market trends and focus on delivering the best to your customers. It is the best practice to invest in more demanding and smarter ideas with the potential to bring you more business. Choose the most suitable apparel design software for your clothing business and incorporate it to your current website to explore all the above-mentioned benefits.

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