Whenever you buy cloth, you notice a short label on the clothing. Well, we generally not aware of the importance and its use in apparel. But to our surprise, they are a very integral part of the clothing. People tend to generally overlook the details on these labels. When you give a closer look you will see they mention care instructions. What do they generally carry? These labels tell you whether you can dry clean or iron them. What temperature is needed for dry cleaning? Can we use it with different colors while washing?

Some specific factors you would love to know:

Care labels are always garment specific. All apparels include these care labels to share washing instructions. For different products, there are different care labels. They are never alike for different products. It actually helps to understand which fabric needs washing, drying, or ironing. Industry standards are always very specific in terms of these clothing labels. It is important that you always include care labels for your clothing. In case you are not very confident about the type of clothing labels you might want to consider a few vendors who make such labels for clothes.

Laws on Apparel and Labeling

Federal law requires apparel manufactures to disclose certain facts related to the fabric. This includes the origin, fiber content, and identity of the manufacturer. They should also contain mention of any other businesses that are working towards the fabric or apparel in the process. Specifically under the care rule sit is mandatory that every manufacturer mentions a disclaimer as to how the products are to be treated.

Different types of cloth labels:

There are 3 different types of clothing labels which are in the market:

Damask is the most common of the lot. They are suitable in terms of high-end usage. They really bring out the brand image for your products. The process of weaving these yarns is slower with precision. Thu the finished product has uniform weave with durability as a special feature

Taffeta is among the popular styles. They are cost-effective. They are woven using a plain weave. They appear as a tight structure with a smooth lustrous experience. They also produce an amazing brocade weave effect. They are quite similar to damask but with a little shabby experience. They are typically used as low-cost labels.

Stain on the other hand has a smooth, lustrous, soft appearance. They are available in softer colors and are perceived as richer. They can be used to make infant garments. They are a little upmarket and can be used in multiple prestige applications.

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