Importance of Cash Flow for Fundamental Analysis: It is very important to understand about the cash flow, cash reserve of the company and how the company is dealing with the cash, this makes it easier to understand the financial future of the company. Because of the negative cash flow of the company is now right for its future.
An investor should be always known that the cash of the company is positive or not, and he also should also know the cash reserve of the company.

Cash Flow Statement: It is such a statement, in which an institution or person has information about the arrival of money, ie, the incoming and outgoing amount in a time period in the institute. The account which includes these details is called the Statement of Cash Flow. This Statement displays the behavior of cash made by an institution, Cash Flow can also make a company or a person large.

In the cash flow statement, cash and expenses are divided into 3 parts-

  • Operating Activities
  • Investing Activities (Appropriation Activities)
  • Financing Activities (Financial Activities)

The Cash Flow Statement is divided into 3 parts and after which cash and bank related to these three are written separately and the cash received is also written, in the end, the expenses are also written separately according to these three activities. And then it is divided from the cash by which you came to know the cash flow of the company. By looking at this Statement, you can find out that from where the money has come and where it is being spent on.

Cash Flow is important for a company so that the situation of the company can be traced. Cash Flow acts like a company's Balance Sheet, which demonstrates the financial condition of the company. Hence the cash flow statement acts as a reflection of the company.

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