The purpose of charity is almost same in all religions that is to help the needy poor from the money that you own. The amount of money that you give to other people may vary, but the thing that matters is your pure intentions and clean mind with which you are helping the needy person. When you are helping a person in the time of need, it shows what a great person you are because anyone can stand by you in the good times and can laugh with you in the happy times but only your true relations will stick with you in the times of need. Charity can be given in many ways.

It is said that when you give a smile to someone, it also comes under charity as a smile is always returned with a smile. It is considered as a nice gesture that you greet someone with a smile and is also considered Sunnah. When you remove a stone from someone’s path so that he doesn’t face any problem, it will also be considered as a practice of charity which you are doing for the safety of other person. Charity is like a give and take that you do with Allah Almighty. When you give something to a poor person, then Allah return that reward as double and that reward provides you benefit on the Day of Judgment.

If you see a person who is not financially stable enough to perform Hajj, and you help him in performing Hajj by hajj packages for 2017 then it is also an act of kindness. You can also consider Zakaat as a form of charity which is obligatory on those Muslims who are financially strong enough to give that specific amount of money out the total wealth they won.

That wealth can be in the form of gold and silver as well. And there are different commands by Allah related to the amount of Zakaat which we should know. Another form of charity in Islam is Sadqah which has further many types. Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) sad that “Your smile for your brother is a charity. Your removal of stones, thorns or bones from the paths of people is a charity. Your guidance of a person who is lost is a charity.” (Bukhari) This shows the significance of charity in Islam that even if a person has lost his path and you are guiding him to find his right direction, then it will come under charity and will help you in the longer term. A true believer will always do the acts of charity for the needy so that he can be among the lovable people of Allah Almighty and can gain the reward of his part.

If you are helping someone needy in performing hajj via hajj tour packages for 2017 with Package then this is also like Sadqah Jariyah and Allah Subhana Wattalah will give you the reward for that. It is said that Sadqah protects you like a veil or shield. It saves you from the evilness of Shaitan and someone’s bad eye. That is why it is said that when you feel that someone is suffering from the evil eye or black magic, then give Sadqah as much as you can as it provides safety from that evilness. It becomes a barrier in the way of people who have been a victim of someone’s bad intentions and wrong deeds.

One should make it a habit of giving charity and should also tell their children to make it their habit that they should give the charity to the needy people who do not say anything from their mouth due to self-respect but they are unable to meet the daily expectations of the world because of financial instability. Surely the one who gives are better than the ones who takes as the helping hand is always way better than the hand which takes. It doesn’t mean that you degrade the people who take money. It simply means that if you have enough wealth then be among the ones who give things to the poor and needy people.

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