Civil Services are the spine of System of India. They are the supports of Country's Legal System since Civil services Officers take profession of Particular Departments of the Civil Framework of the nation. There are Two All India Civil Services named - Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). They grasp a mysterious appeal as a profession. There are lots of jobs which are profitable and prominent that comprises engineering, management, Medical and the Information Technology sector. But nobody can match the position of civil services which command an esteem and pleasure like no other. Even the near and beloved ones of Civil Servants are too edge with satisfaction when they refer to the "IAS" man or woman in their relatives.

Being a part of choice-making that impacts lives of huge number of individuals and the chances to serve people in diverse sectors makes IAS And other Civil services Dream profession for many. A civil servant is a government worker who is accepted based on the competitive exams seized by UPSC (union public service commission). These exams are extremely hard to crack and need a lot of hard work and willpower. For IAS, for instance, two exams are held, the IAS mains exams and the preliminary more generally acknowledged as CSAT (civil service aptitude test).

The initial stage of the civil services exam is the CSAT which is multiple choice question type tests and includes two papers common to all applicants. The triumphant applicants who have skilled the CSAT examination becomes eligible to sit for the IAS main exams. Though this is not all just emergence victorious in the civil services main examinations are not sufficient, there is as well a third stage to pass via which is the interview. Only those who have the courage enough to pass through all the three tests quite productively can think of becoming an IAS officer in the future. The applicants who are successful in cracking this daydream examination do not need to gaze back in their lives yet again.

The difficulty standard of the csat is obvious with the number of applicants who are able to pass it each year, out of the numerous who apply for it. Though, each year, many applicants work hard, prepare the syllabus carefully and practice the question paper numerous times to become a part of India's most desirable career choice.

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