Read this article to know about the various advantages of using cloud hosting for Magento E-Commerce stores. Hire experts from the Magento development company for the best services in Magento. 

Running an online business is a huge responsibility. While opening an E-Commerce store on the Magento platform, the owner and the retailer gets to reap from the multiple advantages that this framework provides. However, apart from its rich features and functionalities, a real challenge that most of the sellers face is finding the right hosting partner for the successful execution of the store. Making the wrong choice can invite unwanted problems and impact the SERP position as well.  

This is why the Magento developer in Sydney recommends cloud hosting that emerges as a huge solution for Magento based store hosting. Ideally, the Magento host renders exclusive features like flexibility, security, scalability etc. Today, Magento almost powers 1/3rd of all the E-Commerce websites in the world.  While it effectively handles all aspects of the online store, the technology of Cloud, provided by “Cloudways” directly influences the business.  

Below mentioned are several are some of the most prominent advantages of using the Magento cloud hosting for online stores - 


1. Highly scalable

With scalability, one can imply the elasticity of this feature. The question is whether the business will witness possible growth along with the cloud hosting service. Can it manage all the data along with the growth? Some of the merchants have large stores which witness heavy traffic almost every day, especially on new events like a product launch etc. hence, if one uses the cloud-based service instead of the hardware, one can receive a lot of help during these promotional events. One can simply manage and upgrade the servers on their own and once the event is over, they can downgrade it on their own.  


2. More security

Security is another important requirement. Any owner would always want fewer risks for their store/business. The cloud service provides robust security services which are higher than any other hosting provider. One would want to protect their data against leaks, hence it is a huge concern. This is why cloud hosting is the best possible solution with increased security means. The data security standards are rightly achieved. One should not worry about data loss. The hosting server of Magento provides swift backups so that no data is lost, rather restored. One can find the data being stored in different remote locations so that the business owner is more relaxed.   


3. Cache managing 

The Magento cloud hosting server provides simplified cache management which in turn increases the speed of the website. With cloud hosting, this problem is solved professionally. It manages cache from the server-side, hence the store functions more productively by increasing its speed. This is done by providing the owner Redis, Memcached, Varnish etc. One should, however, configure them on the server-side. 


 4. Cost-effective 

When it comes to Magento store cloud, the cost is an important factor. Purchasing a separate hardware and bandwidth might cost one a fortune. Hence a cloud-based hosting server saves almost 80% of the costs which is associated with a normal, traditional E-Commerce rollout.  


The Magento Cloudways has several prominent features which help with the growth and expansion of the E-Commerce store.  

  • Multiple choice providers -  One can choose in between some renowned cloud providers like AWS, Vultr, Kyup, DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine GCE.  
  • Thunderstack - This is a multi-store, friendly stack that gives lightning-fast speed to the Magento store.  It ensures that the online store excels in performance and results.  
  • Multiple One Click Operation -  With this hosting, one can manage the cloud servers and applications much conveniently along with a feature-packed console. One can perform several tasks with a single click. This way, the deployment procedure becomes faster.  
  • Auto-Scalable - It has the capability to scale the resources whenever there is a requirement. One can easily meet the hardware requirements of the store by selecting the server size and then deploying it.  
  • Third-party integration - One can get easy integration to Cloudways via GitHub. Although there are other deployment tools for setting up workflows, this feature empowers the developers to set up third integration in their applications.  
  • A managed server security - Cloudways promise unmatched security for the Magento online store. With the multi-layered approach to security, it is also fully integrated.  One also gets regular security updates.
Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is an experienced Magento Developer in Sydney working with a leading software development company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to elaborate to the readers the various advantages of using the Magento cloud hosting server.