Human beings are social animals meaning that people need to interact with one another in order to survive. This makes communication one of the basic things that must happen among humans. In every place or any job communication is necessary in order to allow efficiency and also allow mutual understanding among people. Security guards play a major role in ensuring the safety of the various places that they work. In order for them to work effectively and attain the goals of their jobs, communication skills are crucial. They need to understand how to communicate with clients, their fellow guards and all other stakeholders effectively. The following are the reasons why communication skills are important in security guard jobs.

1. Enable them communicate effectively in the work place
Security guards are among the people who meet a lot of people in most workplaces because of the nature of their responsibilities. A security guard will start meeting people from the morning until late night in the course of their jobs. Therefore, there is a need for a security guard to be able to express themselves in a way that other people can understand them. A security guard should be able to express ideas and instructions effectively in order for others to understand. A security guard should be in a position to use language effectively to allow efficient communication in the workplace.

2. Promote workplace relationships
In most workplaces, relationships among peers turn soar because of lack of skills in communication among the workers. This may include use of language that may hurt others and so on. It is, therefore crucial for a security guard to understand how to communicate with other employees to promote healthy relationship that is crucial in enhancing productivity. Good communication skills will also help in resolving conflicts among workers, carry out effective negotiation and discussions. With communication skills a security guard is able to communicate in a way that demonstrates concern of the diversity existing in the workplace leading to healthy relationships.

3. Enhance positive publicity
In most workplaces security guards are the ones who meet visitors first mostly at the gate. Communication skills are of great help because they ensure that a security guard communicates well and professionally to visitors making them develop positive attitudes towards the organization. Security guards are also given responsibility to make contact with both internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. The stakeholders may include contractors, customers or the directors in the organization. The skills in communication help them promote the networking and collaboration that occur in an organization.

4. Help in their growth and development in the work place
In the modern workplaces, it is difficult for a security guard to get a job without good communication skills. Communication skills are evaluated during the interviewing process and in job promotions. A security guard should demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and non verbally because this ability is necessary for a security guard to carry out duties effectively. Therefore, in order to get hired or promoted as a security guard communication skills are basic requirements.

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