In every competitive exam, one has to be thorough with the current affairs section. It should be considered as a part of the syllabus, as one can not pass the competitive exams like civil service exams or bank exams without a proper knowledge of current affairs. Not only in the exams, but also in the interview there are questions regarding current affairs. You cannot answer them confidently unless you are updated with the current news and happenings around you.

While preparing for any competitive exam, study material for current affairs has to be a pre-requisite. Many students end up failing these exams because they answer the questions in the current affairs section, poorly. There are questions in the exam directly or indirectly about general knowledge. Not only in the written exam but in the interview also they grill you by asking questions regarding current events happening around you. For example, they might give you any important event of 2011, and ask you to discuss it. You will be able to answer the question confidently only if you know anything about the event and it affected your country or the international market.

One should be well prepared for these exams. Knowledge regarding current affairs cannot be achieved overnight, one has to read the newspapers everyday and listen to radio or television channels. There are also many quizzes available in the internet or many quiz books available in the bookstores, which can help you polish your knowledge and keep you updated. In this New Year, 2011 many events have occurred already, which may or may not have an impact in the future, there must be many personalities and events, which can be asked as questions in the exam. One needs to be alert of latest developments and changes in trends in our own country and even internationally. You can start by reading the newspaper everyday and underlining the most important news and go through it once again; this would help you retain at least some information regarding the news. You can also look at the type and pattern of questions asked in the question paper of competitive exams of previous years. This would give you an idea about the kind of questions asked and would help you prepare thoroughly.

One cannot pull through the competitive exams without having a through knowledge of current affairs in recent years. Not only the exams but the interview also asks questions regarding the present year, like events and happenings in 2011 and of recent past years like 2008, 2009 and 2010.

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