Flooring is one of the most important aspects of building construction. A good floor not only offers platform for humans and goods to walk but it also adds to the aesthetics of the place. Epoxy floors are basically created by coating multiple layers of epoxy on the existing floor. Epoxy is made by chemical reaction between resins and hardeners resulting in a plastic like solid material. Many epoxy flooring companies are readily providing commercial and industrial epoxy flooring to be done on concrete or wooden surfaces.

How a company can benefit from commercial epoxy flooring?

According to epoxy flooring contractors there are many benefits of using epoxy floors. Some of the benefits have been discussed below.
- The first and foremost benefit of epoxy floor is that it is very strong and has high durability. It is perfect for use in highly demanding industrial environment. In most of the situations it remains non reactive to spilling of industrial chemicals on floor. Apart from that it is non corrosive and it can easily tolerate high traffic. It also has a water tight effect.
- Plastic like finish of epoxy increases the aesthetic value of the floor by many folds. It can be easily applied both on old floors as well as new floors. Seamless finish of epoxy adds to the beauty and shine of the floor. In a way it gives new life and freshness to the old floor.
- Another benefit of using epoxy is that it is available in variety of colours. You can choose your favourite solid colour from the colour palate and get the epoxy done in that. Apart from that you also have option like clear coat or adding colour flakes in the epoxy. These variations give showroom like finish to the floor.
- Apart from being durable and resistant, epoxy floors are very strong. Epoxy floors are stronger than concrete and can easily be used in industries where heavy machinery or goods are moved from one place to another. Epoxy is often done on concrete flooring to increase its durability and strength.
- Another benefit of epoxy is that it is designed to shine for years. This chemical is UV resistant and its sheen does not deteriorate with sunlight or rain.
- Unlike hardwood or other delicate flooring, epoxy flooring does not require high maintenance. As it does not pick up much dust, you can easily clean it with single wipe. They are even resistant to acids and can be cleaned with any good floor cleaner. The best part is that the floor remains skid free even when it is wet.

Epoxy is a durable, strong, sunlight, rain and acid resistant and aesthetically appealing flooring option for industrial use.

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This article has been penned by Lora Davis for Southeast Concrete Solutions who are among the leading concrete resurfacing company in Huntsville, AL & exterior concrete resurfacing in Huntsville, AL.