Exams are a nightmare for many students. Every person faces them at least once in a lifetime. They are a medium to test your ability and potentiality for the post/class/job you are appearing for. the first difficult set of question papers that you have to face are your board exams, when for the first time you leave the sheltered boundaries of your school and your examiners are not the known faces which give you a sense of comfort while writing your answers in the examination hall. It is the first experience of a child’s life where he/she encounters the true meaning of examination. This continues in your higher education and then finally when you have to look for a job, like a highly coveted career in banks or IAS, IPS etc you come across exams, which are much tougher and difficult to crack. In these exams, passing is not enough; you need to score higher than all the candidates do in order to secure a promising future.

Every individual dreams of being successful and earning a lot of money and only a successful career can give you this opportunity. However, every good job is preceded by a grilling exam, which you have to prepare for, thoroughly in order to score good marks. The procedure begins from school when you have to give your boards exams, then exams in colleges and finally while looking for a job, like in a bank or for IAS. However, the difficulty level rises with every stage. Unlike in school, where you have to merely pass in your exams, in ias or bank exams there are thousands of candidates and only a few meritious candidates are filtered down to enter the interview round, so you not only have to pass but also score higher marks than all other applicants in order to get the job.

In board exams, you have seven subjects in class 10 boards and five subjects in class 12 boards; however, in IAS exams there are two main exams: preliminary exams, which consist of one general studies paper and CSAT (civil service aptitude test) and the mains exams, which consists of nine exams. After clearing these exams, an interview session follows, on passing which you finally get the job. On the other r hand for banks exams, there are various exams depending on the post the candidate is applying for, but all the exams follow an interview round.

Therefore, be it boards exams or an IAS question papers for a high post in the bank or a reputed job as an IAS, a lot of hard work and dedication is required which eventually leads to success.

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