You need to have thorough knowledge of the general affairs happening in your environment in order to stay aware and secure. In this fast moving world, it is very important to be vigilant. Current affairs help you to be cautious and take necessary precautions if the need arises. Any news in any corner of the world affects us in some way or the other, eventually. With such an uncertain environment around us, it is essential for an individual to know what is happening so he or she can prepare himself or herself. Such a phenomena is noticed mainly during natural disasters. If a country is hit by a natural disaster or encounters a tragic incident, news is spread around like wild fire and all other countries, which fall in the same radar, prepare themselves and take necessary steps.

General knowledge not only keeps you updated, but also helps you prepare for various entrance exams. There are entrance exams for almost every reputed field to enter into. These exams focus a lot on the general affairs and current information. Even in the interview sessions, questions are asked related to general knowledge. Therefore, it is very important for us to be updated with the things around us. General knowledge is something, which cannot be achieved overnight. One has to be regularly updated with information through easily accessible mediums like internet, television, radio and newspapers. In recent times, the role of media has extended to a large length and has a strong impact on the public, which makes it easier for them to convey important issues prevailing in the society. The term general knowledge has not been developed recently. Even in schools, emphasis is given on acquainting the child with the real world. Our national bird, first prime minister, national symbol, states and capitals, etc. are topics, which are discussed in the school level, however general knowledge covers a wider arena once you are out of school.

Current affairs occur on everyday basis and it is impossible for an individual to keep track of information from every corner of the world. However, there are many books available to increase your general knowledge about various fields at the same time, which would help you throughout your lives.

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