Importance of general knowledge
Knowledge of general awareness and current affairs is extremely important for the members of civilized societies. Current affairs quiz contests are one of the best means of improving the knowledge of general awareness among people of different classes of the human society. The knowledge is essential in all the stages of life, starting from student lives to professional lives. It is very important in competitive entrance exams of post-graduation professional degrees like MBA (Master of Business Administration). The government and private sector recruitment exams also give importance to general awareness of the candidates in the written as well interview rounds.

Sources of general awareness knowledge
There are numerous sources to gather general knowledge. The daily newspapers, bulletins and monthly and weekly magazines are good sources of recent affairs. The 24*7 hours news channels on the television are also good sources of current news. The news is highlighted instantaneously at the moment of their occurrences at any part of the world. The high definition videos and vivid pictures make the news viewing experience more interesting. The audio visual effect imparts the news matters in the mind of the viewers. The web sites on the internet are very good sources of current affairs. The news is accompanied with high quality videos and photographs. Anyone can search about any recent important event anywhere in the world on the search engines of the internet, he will immediately get detailed description of the news he is searching for, along with pictures and videos.

Ways to improve general awareness
The concept of general awareness is implanted in the minds of children during their early education levels. Many educational boards and schools keep GK as an important paper in their syllabus courses. The quiz contests conducted in schools, colleges and universities improve the general awareness a lot among the students. These quiz contests are also conducted in various localities in order to improve the general awareness among common people of different ages, cultural, educational and professional backgrounds.

Impact of general awareness
General knowledge and current affairs have immense impact on any civilized human society. Current affairs quiz conducted on various channels on the television are useful to the students for developing a sound knowledge of the various events and important happening in India as well as the whole world. These events include social, political, cultural, economical, entertainment, science, technology and sports events. People take a lot of interest in all these events in socialize more with cultured and educated people of the society.

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