General knowledge (GK) is an integral part of civilized human life. It includes the knowledge of current affairs and latest happenings and events in India as well as all over the world. The knowledge can be improved by conducting general knowledge quiz in schools, colleges, universities and even localities. The year books, monthly and weekly magazines, daily news bulletins as well as news channels on the television are also good sources of general awareness and outward knowledge. The general awareness knowledge is also very important for competitive exams for higher studies and also public as well as private recruitment tests. They give much emphasis on the general awareness knowledge of the candidates.

General awareness of students
Many educational organizations like schools keep general awareness as a special subject paper in lower as well as higher education levels. Thus, the children can get good general awareness knowledge at their early years of education. The candidates who have very good general awareness knowledge can qualify competitive exams more easily due to their outward knowledge skills. Thus, GK is essential in each and every field of human life. It also helps people to socialize more in civilized societies with learned and decent people. Thus, there are numerous utilities of general awareness knowledge.

Sources of recent affair knowledge
Daily reading of news paper bulletins is very useful for improving the GK. These news papers contain all kinds of latest news, breaking news and current news from India and all around the world. The monthly and weekly magazines are also useful sources of GK. The year books, published every year contain every detail about the latest affairs and happenings worldwide. The 24*7 hours news channels on television are also great sources of GK. These news channels highlight the breaking news and current news in a very interesting manner to draw the attention of the viewers. They highlight most important and updated news in different parts of India and abroad.

Importance of general awareness
Knowledge of current affairs is one of the major parts of general knowledge. This knowledge can be improved to a large extent among the common people of all ages and from all classes of the society as well as from all kinds of educational backgrounds, by conducting general knowledge quiz in various localities by clubs and community groups. Every civilized person from any civilized culture or society must have adequate general awareness of the latest events and happenings round him in order to mix up and live respectfully in the society.

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