Current affairs form an important and inevitable part of our lives. All the actions that have taken place and the important decisions made around us get recorded in the current affairs section under the category of general knowledge questions. Unlike earlier times when exams are confined to the prescribed syllabus, in present times, general knowledge covers a major portion of the entrance exams and which are a gateway to many prestigious career options like bank po exams, mba, mbbs, civil service exams etc. In these exams, questions can be asked from any field of current affairs like political science, geography, mathematics, science and technology.

General knowledge cannot be attained overnight. Attainment of information regarding current affairs is a long and steady process where you have to be in regular contact with the on going affairs of not only India but the world because any news taken place in some corner of the world affects us and our country eventually in some way or the other. You need to be regular with reading the newspaper, watching news channels and listening to the radio for any important information. It is like a habit, which you need to take up. Once it becomes a habit for you, you will be able to enjoy collecting as much information as possible and would be curious to know more.

World is full of information and with every passing second something new occurs. It can be a new discovery, a tragic incident, a political agreement between India and china, or a surprise terrorist attack. However, the point is that it affects us and the lives of our near ones, eventually. Even if it causes a mild impact, it counts and it is necessary to be updated with this current knowledge in order to stay vigilant and avoid any mishap.

Being updated with current affairs has other advantages also. There are many exams especially entrance exams where questions can be asked related to the occurrence of current affairs in India or any other country. Even in bank exams, like the exam for bank po, a major portion consists of general knowledge questions, which in itself is the proof of the importance of general knowledge in today’s world. Admission in related fields and professions require a through knowledge of current affairs like mba, mbbs, civil service etc. many students have failed in the exams even after thorough preparation of the syllabus because they lack information on general affairs.

In earlier times, General knowledge on current affairs was not accessible to all; it was confined to a group of individuals whom it was related to. However, with the growing influence of mass media, the news is spread like wildfire and is accessible to even the remotest parts of the world. Therefore, it is easier for the students to prepare for their exams and score well.

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