1. The biggest benefit of setting a goal is that we get the right direction of our life. Those people who don’t have Goal, they cannot move forward in any direction. If we have a goal then we would know what to do and when to do. if we have set our goal, then we can go ahead with our goal easily.

2. Another big advantage of Goal Setting is that we keep always happy and Exited. You must have seen that the people who have set their goals are always happy, they do not have any tension that how it will happen when it will happen, what will happen now. So if we want to be happy and excited about life then we have to set our goals.

3. Keep the short-term goals that you're working towards small and achievable. If a goal is too large, then it can appear that you are not making progress towards it. So firstly set a small-small goal which can help you to achieve your main goal.

4. You must have seen that there are many people who are always sitting with their friends and roaming with them, these are the same people like who do not have any goals. When we set our Goal, we can use our time correctly and that is why the time is compared to Money and it is said: "Time is Money”.

5. The person who sets his goal, then his attitude will also become change. They will not get nervous at the little problem, they battle with them and goes ahead fighting them and achieves her goal. If he fails to achieve his Goal then he gets up again and gets back to his work.

6. The Ultimate Advantage of Setting Goals is Getting Success If we want to be successful then we have to set a goal. Setting goals for yourself is a way to fuel your aspiration. Goal setting isn’t just about making a plan for your life, its also about giving us the inspiration which necessary to plan for things we never thought possible

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