A hybrid fund is an investment fund that diversifies risk by investing between two or more asset classes. Many hybrid funds also invest a portion of their investment in gold. They can also be known as asset allocation funds.

Mixed investment: Hybrid funds give investors the option of a diversified portfolio. The term hybrid indicates that the fund's investment strategy includes investment in several asset classes. Generally, this can also mean that the fund uses a mixed investment approach.

Asset allocation fund: They are also known as asset allocation funds. Investors who want to invest in different asset classes can achieve their objective by investing in the same fund.

Different level products: Hybrid funds evolved from the implementation of modern portfolio theory in fund management. These funds can offer a wide range of products from low risk to moderate and aggressive risk-tolerant investors.

Low-risk returns: Hybrid funds are considered safer than pure equity funds. These net loans provide higher returns than funds and are for those who want less risk. New investors who are willing to take risks in the equity markets may think of investing in hybrid funds as a first step. As these are an ideal mix of equity and debt funds. Investing in equity gives advantage in a booming market situation. Also, the debt component of the fund provides a cushion against risk in times of market downturn. This way, you avoid the potential risk in the case of total equity funds.

Equity oriented and debt-oriented funds: When a hybrid fund invests more than 60% equity, it will be called an equity-oriented fund. And if a fund invests more than 60% in debt, it will be called debt-oriented fund.

The components: The equity component of the fund consists of equity shares of industries such as FMCG, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Automobile, etc. The fund's debt is invested in fixed-income instruments such as government securities, debentures, bonds. Fund managers can buy and sell securities to take advantage of the low price in the market.

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