The importance of job description cannot be overseen or given a skip when deciding one's career or while planning a change of job. The reason behind it is related to psychology as well as common sense, but unfortunately people do not pay much attention to it. The moment you mention job descriptions, all you get in the search results are the duties and responsibilities of the designation and job.

There are other crucial things to be weighed and they are given below in brief.

Reason for Working

It is important to consider the fact that there are some people who choose to work because of some necessities in their life and get ready to settle for something which is lesser than what they actually deserve. In such cases, it becomes difficult to choose, because as they say beggars cannot be choosers.

So for these candidates, it is necessary to analyze what they can settle for, only after looking at the job descriptions and weighing the propositions well.

Salary Negotiation

Another factor which is closely associated with the importance of job description is the salary negotiation. One should know the details of the job and the additional responsibilities that need to be handled in the due course at the time of joining only. This will give you an idea of well you can perform, manage the work and have scope for growing up the ladder.

Reflection of Management

Thinking from a different perspective, let us look at it from the employer's point of view too. A job description is also an insight to an organization's management. You will come to know if the policies and job profiles are well laid out or not, whether the roles and duties are well defined or not, etc. It will make your decision easier and give you the ability to weigh your pros and cons well.

Reporting Heads

It is important to know the hierarchy for two reasons, viz., to know what scope you have for getting a promotion and to know whom you would be required to report. When it comes to the actual work front, it matters a lot to know whom all you have to report to; and it depends on your work responsibilities and designation too.


The job description of any good company will have details related to the increments and appraisal policies. Refer to those to plan your career growth accordingly; because the growth ultimately depends on the organization's administrative structure.

These points explain the importance of job description while looking for another employment opportunity or starting your career. Thus, insist on having a look at the same before the interview is scheduled.

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