Local SEO, You have heard of this term more often. Today what people want, they get it on the search engines. So it becomes very necessary for a business to be discovered by the people on the search engine result pages. So local SEO becomes an important part of digital marketing. Today almost every third person has smartphones and a large part of them use a search engine to solve their queries. In the surveys it is found that 95% of people perform the local searches, 61% call the business and 59% visit the stores. These figures show you the importance of local SEO. Local SEO becomes more necessary when you have an offline store. Now in this article, we will discuss the important role of local SEO in your business:-
• The large scope of getting discovered:- As we discussed earlier, most people make use of their smartphones for any query and local business, there is high scope of your business of getting discovered online. Because most of the people come to search engines with local intent. To optimize your website for getting in 3 packs of google listing.
• High conversions:- Yes, local SEO will bring you high conversions. Because most users search with local intent and there is a high chance of a conversion. On average, you can convert 2 potential customers out of 5 which is a quite nice score.
• Business extension:- Business Extention are the best thing you can use in local SEO to increase your business. With the business extension, you can easily engage with your customers and ask them for their reviews. The review is the highly deciding factor in the conversion process. Positive reviews help in building trust among your audience and negative reviews help you learn from your past mistakes.
• Build your brand:- Local SEO is best when it comes to building your brand online. You can also find the number of people who are interested in your product and services. With local SEO, you can add price of products on the websites and also pictures. This will increase the credibility and authenticity of your customers.
• Analysis of competitor:- With local SEO, you can find sellers in your niche and can find what they are doing to top the google rankings. This will maintain a healthy compititon and lead your business towards growth.
Local SEO can give your business a new start and can take it to another level if done rightly. Make sure you fill proper information of your business in the google my business account. So that the potential customer can find you easily and can enjoy your services. Optimize your website for search engines and better user experience.

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