The sole purpose of human existence is to be in peace and feel contended. But in today’s stressful life, there is not time to introspect and no time for spiritual reflection. We have become a slave to our lavish way’s of living and are gradually forgetting the basic purpose of your life’s. These lifestyle’s related problems are gripping us and we are falling prey to deadly diseases like Hypertension and heart problems. Medications and pills are not the permanent solution to such problems.

To lead a stress and disease free life, you should consider mediation as an option. Meditation helps you getting in touch with your inner self and feel a lot better. It helps you calm down and relax and lets you forget all the pressures of life momentarily. But, this does not mean that its effects are felt for a short period of time. Actually meditation is a practice, a training to teach yourself to be in a state of mind where you are not bothered about the outside world. You will feel peace and Zen and will have a different perspective of life.

The two main methods for meditating are as follows:

Concentration: In this method a person has to concentrate on a particular object or a sound. The object on which all your attention has to be diverted can be the flame of a candle or any other random object. If a person is chanting a spiritual mantra repeatedly, also falls under this category of meditation.

Non-concentration: This method needs a broader focus, such as, a particular sound in nature or one’s own breathing, etc.

The two major meditation therapy techniques are as follows:

Basic meditation: it requires a person to sit in a calm place in a good sitting position. Then he must start evaluating his thoughts and gradually divert all his focus into his inner self. This technique may sound easy to master but trust me it isn’t. It requires daily practice and a lot of hard work. At times your thoughts may wander here and there and you will find it exceedingly difficult to concentrate. But after masteru=ing this technique of meditation you will attain both mental and physical relaxation.

Physical activity technique: This is one of the most popular form or technique of meditation. It involves regular and repetitive practice of certain activities, such as, yoga. Doing yoga daily, help you attain both physical and mental strength. It relieves you from common ailments and relieves you from anxiety and stress.

Training yourself in any of the above-mentioned meditation techniques will help you combat stress and improve your lifestyle and health.
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Mak Smith is a Cape Town based writer. He writes various blog and articles on meditation techniques for children, meditation therapy techniques, therapeutic reflection, therapeutic reflection and mythology etc.