We have been living in this planet for several millennia, evolving and developing new skills and tactics for a better life. In the past two centuries technology has been advanced in a blazing rate and it has affected our living styles and so do our food habits. Nowadays balanced diet and all are just in textbooks, no one care to eat the proper food. There are many important substances that our body requires and the deficiency of these causes many deadly diseases. If talking about important requirements in our daily diet we cannot exclude minerals. They are one of the most important elements required by the human body. Minerals have direct involvement in various body processes. Minerals and proteins are considered as the basic building blocks of cells in the human body. In the absence of minerals many of the physiological process in the human body will not occur.

Minerals are very much important that we should take them in apt quantity. Let us take a look of how the minerals and very important for our daily diets.

Minerals are most essentially required by children for their first two years of life. They get mineral for their need from breast milk. For those children who cannot be breast feed by mothers should given these minerals in appropriate amount.

Some of the essential minerals required in diet are:
The life of a newborn begins with their store of the mineral iron but after a few months iron is needed in their diet as the iron which was in their store will be over. Iron performs several things in human body. Iron is the component which is present in the hemoglobin present in blood and myoglobin present in muscles. Iron is also important for metabolic processes. Iron plays a vital role in the function and development of brain.

Generally zinc is not stored in human body and it is essential for various processes of the body. For this reason adequate intake or iron is important. Zinc is essential for the synthesis of lean tissue and it helps in the formation of DNA and RNA. WBC or white blood cells are responsible for the proper working of our immune function. White blood cells rely much on zinc for their functions.

Calcium is another important mineral which is required by human body. Human body doesn’t have to capability to synthesis calcium by itself and for that reason proper intake of calcium is essential. Calcium provides strength to bones and hence it is mainly required for growing kids and old people.

In this busy life it is not possible to eat things that will provide all these vitamins and minerals in adequate quantity. Some multi mineral diets have been developed by which our body will attain the essential minerals in the proper quantity.

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